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Hello, does anyone know why or what it means when a dog growls and barks at night suddenly. Yesterday some middle of the night I took my dog ​​with his growl he awakened was hiding under my bed and got in my room light angemacht..und the next room was light out but television on, repays has the ca from almost 2:00 started at night and that all went up at 5 o'clock in the morning throughout he looks then to do so skeptical and is properly aggressive ... what could have been?

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which can have various causes. Any rodents in the attic, noises from the house which otherwise were not there (and we can not hear), distant thunder, noises in the street, smells, etc., etc.. I just got a replacement stop right outside my bedroom -.- , the first night, my dog ​​also think he may have to comment jden drunk

Dogs have very good hearing when was in the next room to the TV, he might have heard something which made him afraid.

That's what my dog ​​sometimes, he only dreams.

VII he has a bad dream ...

Outside there was probably something.

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