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Please read first, thank you <3 So I summarize briefly the sick history together, my hündinn had vomiting and diarrhea and our vet said she had stomach-intestine, but then came the diarrhea blood outside and we went to an animal hospital to another doctor which she said has either an intestinal obstruction or she has eaten something bad but he wanted nothing to do with kontrat'stmitteln because she had totall afraid of the doctor and it was really difficult. they scored splash against stomach pain and so on and it helped them got back apetit they did not have before and since then has not vomited or diarrhea had since Sunday she gets every day diet food for the gut and since Saturday, she no longer defecated we called animal hospital in and they said it was still within the normal range and it also acts again cheerful but I'm worried? Are my worry unbergründet

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I'm sorry. : / I would again describe your concern in a hospital and the doctors. So over the Internet to provide a remote diagnosis is not really. I wish you definitely lucky and your four-legged friend a speedy recovery and hope that all goes well.

You've asked the same question on Friday, and it has done nothing !? A bowel obstruction is deadly !!!!!! Discover In late may be too late already. Honestly, I doubt very much that you really were at the doctor !! Wake up and let the dog investigate. If he has so much afraid of the vet. Is there still the path of drug us. Help the dog .. Sheesh. Even your doctor is questionable, he suspected bowel obstruction and accepts nothing pure ?!

What food they receive? Digestion is usually worse than normal food, because it stresses the digestive substantially higher. (Veterinarians learn in their gesponsortem of feed producers teaching material studying not)

With respect to the dissolution, I would have to wait until tomorrow, so far as it is fully grown. My makes it sometimes, that they do not need one two days.

When a puppy / young dog but I would not wait on.

The TA draws a bowel obstruction in recital and not investigated in this direction? Oh, what a doctor.

I can only tell you how it is with my little ones. Assuming your dog really has no intestinal obstruction, what you should really Exclude.

My little one has gastrointestinal problems, quite large and when again you go that ignites all the manure is soft and it can not drop him. She sometimes even 6 or 7 days discontinued no feces.

Observe your dog when he is doing well, he eats and otherwise makes a good impression, the pile is even. If not, from the veterinary clinic.

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