Dog no longer respects me !? outdoors

Hello! I am 16 years old and we have a Westie and a Yorki, both 9 years old. The Yorki is neutered, which Westie not. I go in the morning, afternoon and evening out, at noon someone goes to another member of my family, I still go to school, otherwise I take care mostly about the two. Since about 4 weeks, it is so that my Westie not hear if it runs without a leash, the Yorki always runs on the lunge, otherwise it is gone and no longer ,, capture "can. The Westie does not react when I call him, he looks at me briefly and then continues on its journey of exploration. Eventually he comes then after, when he feels like it. the Yorki then waiting quite calmly on a leash because he is not the explorer is always par excellence. Otherwise if I had called the Westie, he looked directly, has made short nor Pipi and is trotting came to me ... Well, inside the Westie's totally affectionate, he comes to cuddle and would be when I come back to as if I would have been Weldreise, but he can stay discounts for 5 hours alone with the Yorki, make break things they never do. but why he's out so and how do I get the back again? Thanks in advance!

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make yourself interesting again. lege during the walks always short game breaks one, hide them their toys, let you are looking for or do some exercises with them. only walk without stimulus from you, they can just go their own paths and why they should come back when you call, you do leinst then eh only. if but westi never know exactly why you call him, but know that you also often an exciting surprise forth zauberst when he comes, he will be much more immediately run back to you when you call.


older dogs - with 9 years, he is no longer even the youngest - are often "stubborn" with the times a bit. Since it really only helps often, again "nachzutrainieren" - to remind them that they still need to hear when they are called. The good towline and treats bring "Forgotten" quickly back into memory.

Otherwise, you might like to watch good, if not also wears hearing the dog slowly. Even if he is still responding, it may nevertheless be that your command arrives just as quietly with him, (and lacks the previously customary for him volume and strength) that it no longer perceives this as a command.

Good succeed


Since real help only regular respectful ring

Line training. Just looking adamantly let zweo weeks at the Schlepeine and train retrieval.

Towline! but let yourself teach at least one hour in the dog school !!!

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