Dog no longer sleeping in his körbchen

Good evening together, my dog ​​would not sleep in his basket-just for a few days ....

Brief description: My dog ​​is a brusque, and a fox terrier-poodle hybrid. He is 8 years old. He's been 5 years sleeping in the living room (therefore has its own "rich") there stands his körbchen, a carpet and more recently (at night) and his favorite blanket. It has been available since a few days always the same. He sleeps from 20:00 - about 22:30 in his basket. Thereafter, if the identified light and the (sliding) door is shut, he no longer sleeps! He tried then with all makes aufzubekommen the door (he's play hinbekommt even now). Then he lies down somewhere else and sleeping ....

It seems to me as if he had fear to be in the living room but that may not be ha he fa wue said for 5 years sleeping village ...

Can you help me? :)

Thanks in advance



The best answer

He misses you! A dog loves his herrchen and if that is gone shopping makes the dog crazy

Why are you such a separated hochsolziales animals for hours?

Let all the doors open, especially the bedroom doors, and let the dog choose his sleeping place itself.

Why you let the door to not just? Try it. Has the changed anything with you? The Basket may change? tries simply times out trifles, because something seems to irritate him.

I understand why the dog should nichz kip in the living room with a locked door.

My two dogs have all rooms except the kitchen at night at leisure. Do not wake me, except they must penetrate out.

Let the dog sleep where he wants to let the door open easily.

let 'yet (if he otherwise does not interfere with) him. My dog ​​has repeatedly changed his sleeps in his life.

Where is the problem here. Let the dog but choose his sleeping place freely.

Sofa and bed does not have to be - but otherwise it is not care.

Simply leave the door open? Villt. Did he miss fears!

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