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Seeking advice because my dog ​​is obsessed with her Teddy. It brings everywhere, even if I lead a walk. I can not take away the Teddy and if I do that actually, they weep and howl. What should I do? It's a bit annoying, especially because I can not wash it (it takes too long, and then she cries / howling), or if it goes as I in kennels on vacation am.

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My dog ​​makes also like. Just when he got something new he takes it almost impossible ausm mouth, and takes that with a walk. Whether stuffed toy or new bone: D well if you have to wash it give her / him something else to replace him. And if he needs a holiday in the kennel then let him / her the yet to take

Simply put away the part. Yowling and howling prevent and distract. After few days the thing is forgotten.

my dog ​​has always done when she was a false pregnancy ..


In Chihuahua bitch my grandma is gleische, with her the Teddy is greater than them :).

The Chihuahua lady takes the teddy everywhere.

My grandparents did not störrt the obsession, but me :), now I started the training described below with her and she can now make do with four minutes without Teddy.

The neighbor's dog from her had the same (Golden Retriver Mix), her neighbor has given up there where she has played with the dog and the Teddy and in the game the Teddy had a second, ..., one minute ... until she was at the approximate wash time, then they could wash the Teddy and now the bitch is anyway no longer so interested in Teddy.

Possible reasons may be a false pregnancy for this obsession for example.

You can otherwise yes the dog go to the vet, this can help you determine even further.

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