Dog on paw

Hello everybody

A wonder my vacation dog makes a lot of something at his back paw, always at the same

someone knows what has?

friendly greetings calgia

The best answer

Incorrect feeding girlfriend has with her dog also had because in the normal dog food too much grain is somehow so there is probably on the Internet which with more meat content then it should be better or commercially confidence to ask

then the dog has been there possibly a spliter / a stueck glass etc occurred ... let a species-it look

What makes the to his paw?

If he licks her there, then he has to hire what. In the paw or a small injury

Are you a problem with your smartphone ???

Maybe you look at times the paw of your "holiday dog" thoroughly to ...

If the dog is always beknabbert the same paw, then he could there have a small injury or he has a splinter occurred ...

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