Dog or bitch !? *

Hey I want to buy myself a cat and a dog / bitch. Now the problem: if I take a hangover and a bitch ... do you think that could "climb"? and when I take a rude, I do not really know how it is when someone climbs ... I know that sounds really weird, but I do not really know how it is with the castration and derSterilisierung. What would you rather take? Dog or bitch? LG

PS: This is a serious question.

The best answer

A cat I had never .. But in dogs all comes down to education at so you should go simultaneously acquire 1 cat / hangover and 1 rude / bitch so that angwöhnt the dog. :)

The best you'll catch nothing at all. your ignorance is gross negligence.

We have seen already in your other questions, which you are incapable of dog ownership.

you know the dog and Katz kompelt different animal species?

Roaming cats should always be spayed. Dogs, requirement: one is pre vent a pregnancy able.

I have two dogs (male and female) and a hangover. The dog and the cat are castrated. My dog ​​is intact. Since I have to say at home, no one ascends anyone. Even outside my dog ​​climbs nix.

Before you anschaffst you anything, you buy only once and read books you something basic knowledge on

Hi, everything is hard. I would suggest you down first for a pet to decide before you bring directly to you 2 you then think wrong ... A cat does not go before, if they can not get out, because then brauchste already 2 cats. And which gender does not matter, neither the dog nor the cat see themselves as sexual partners .... if the dog aufreitet in cats it's not the sex but on a bad upbringing, because bitches ride .... castration brings da nix ..... in cats makes castration sense, because the smells and the heat cycle (ie more than a week duration screaming (not to be confused with the Miau ... then cry like babies or tortured people).

And hold together 2 genera brings only a little, namely the human being ... dog and cat can comunicate inadequately that does not replace the social partners of the same class ...

I want to buy myself a cat and a dog / bitch

Cats and dogs are natural enemies and get along best when they grow up together from an early age. There are completely different species which can not mate with each other.

Purchase only times books about dogs and cats and their attitude and needs etc you!

please read please buy some books about dogs and cats -davor only animals in fabric / Plush!

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