Dog or cat for my friend?

My friend would like a pet, but can not decide if prefer a dog or a cat. Since he works from home, he would have enough time. What experience do you have with the animals and what can you recommend? As well, they can be educated and what are the resulting costs?

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if the animal is to be educated fall cats ever get out;) ne cat has its own head and maintains the well. you can veruchen they bring to the same want to like you, this is the most promising

cats (only two in house attitude, unless wants miez no other around) cost as per animal at artgrechter wet feeding 50 euros per month and cat. this is the initial and medical expenses. the calculable as vaccinations and Kastra keep in limits, the disease case it costs just as much as it costs

nen dog I had never, for all I know moved sichd as in a similar frame. said feed costs certainly are proportional to the size dogs

The question is, what he wants, what he does not want? it bothers him when the cat jumps on the table? He can live with that dog feces collect? can and he wants the time to invest to educate a dog and deal with? it bothers him when the wind and rain to go walkies? he has something against litter boxes in the house? disturb him cat nets before fixed at flat cat? he nen sensitive stomach which at half eaten mice turns at freigängern? holidays for example is easier with NEM dog, one can take the most. cats need NEN sitter ..

dogs and cats are very different in essence. easy dei peculiarities and requirements of both look and decide what suits better life into his own :)

Dogs can educate - cats rather less (had both).

The choice is a very personal - dogs need a lot of attention - as it were permanent Rückkkoppelung the "pack" (ie in the case of the owner). The bond to the dog is therefore often perceived as intense. Cats are more independent - but can also be very cuddly.

Expenditure and subsequent costs are greater in dogs (time, food, Tierazt, taxes), the Cats are independent and can be easily sch sometimes daytime alone leave "their cats chores".

How sieht's because of having free terrain? - Dog without a garden is not guessing - cat upstairs actually not.

Well ... Dogs and cats are fundamentally different creatures.

With a dog you just have to go outside, while cats can deal quite well alone (for two best keep).

I myself have lived together with both dogs and cats.

When it comes, with what animal you can better cuddle, you can help this little forum. Because it depends on race and the individual nature of the beast.

The costs come down to the type of animal. A large dog needs more food than a smaller ...

Let Just your friend decide which animal he wants.

What experience do you have with the animals and what can you recommend?

I would you recommend books on dog-u. read cat ownership. Then you can learn what animal suits you.

Dog and cat ownership is very challenging when you hold the animals each animal friendly.

A dog is more "work".

A cat can sometimes left alone one day and you do not go in any weather with her to the door like a dog.

Cats are solitary animals, dog pack animals.

The dog is miserable if you let him alone. He needs you, as his "family".

The cat you can sometimes left to themselves, if they want something from you, they come on. You ask for it, in principle, free full board, are you not soooo important.

Cats do not always like to cuddle and be happy for several days outside but in the dog is gegenstatz very anderst because it almost always remains at one and play and can be a lot of sports driving with a dog outside.

Dogs are expensive and cost a lot of time and for 10.15 years. A dog needs all round care.

A cat is easier to maintain. You do not need 24/7 care and come eineb day alone quite well. Assuming the attitude right.

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Cats are lighter and cheaper.

  • Those who speak of a cat, is to keep my opinion is not qualified cats.
  • Who cares how you can educate dog / cat, either.
  • Cats are gen. (Except for basics like housebreaking) hardly "educable" Dogs significantly more. In both cases, the nature of the animals is observed.
  • It has no animal, but lives with this - it's a community!
  • Costs can not be generalized, depending on the control, TA, possibly training, [...] - in general, dogs are probably more expensive (in time and financially).
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