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So I really want to have a dog and have then reingeguckt times in our old lease from 2000, there is a Policy of 1996 and stating that we must hold NO dogs and cats .. the Hausordung but is from 1996 and somehow keeps no it because a neighbor of mine has a dog and the opposite even have two and my Freudnin has two cats?!? but .. My parents do not want to 'break the law' any 'and I would also not buy a dog that I at some point have to give back after I grew attached to it and that is why I wanted to call at our clerk, the number I have selected is from 2000, a letter from the past was due to the Garagenmietung .. I selected the number and suddenly say not forgive me the number? Then I got the number from the Regional Office selected (is also on the letter) and the number is also not forgive?

Where can I get because now the number from? Should I just so bring me a dog? And may even prohibit dog ownership, as yet there was something in the news however been Please please help me

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generally allowed in the lease to the keeping of dogs and cats can not be excluded. Nevertheless, it is necessary prior to the acquisition, further inquiry to the landlord and the other tenants.

Have you no contact for the house, caretaker or so when things should be? As yet someone must have a current number. If not, this can be surely find on the Internet or via old fashioned phone book!


after any change in the attitude of dogs and cats may now generally no longer be banned. We were allowed to keep in our apartment no dogs, but then there was a change in the law or what. For a change whatsoever, and we bought a dog to us 2 years ago In any case, you have to make an application, and then you can buy a dog :)

The number of your landlord, check the phone book ........... or even easier: the Internet.

A dog without the landlord should not bring their course. Dog ownership always requires the consent of the landlord. You've got all very true thought, but you should let you give the consent in writing.

write your landlord to please - you need anyway the express written consent of the Landlord.

even after the Supreme Court judgment the landlord dog attitude can ban and also when other Meiter in pets have!

Current phone numbers you can get out to search the Internet ...

So call in "your" LEG and ask to whom you put your request for a Dog Pose permission set can ...

Even after the Supreme Court ruling from March of last year, it is the landlords still possible to prohibit dog ownership ... And that is even possible, if other tenants keep a dog in the house ...

I wish you much luck!

Should I just so bring me a dog?


And may even prohibit dog ownership, as yet there was something in the news however been

Here you can read how it is and how you can / must proceed:



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