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Hello maybe can help me someones, I separate from my partner and she gives me the dog for which they paid the dog license. How must we proceed with the cancellation of MYK and I register the dog in AW.

You said that you need to unsubscribe my new The address is that I do not want to give.

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On logout ask the always why. If Hundi is dead, some municipalities even require the death certificate or a confirmation. If Hundi moves will have a new address.

But call but even in the old Local authorities and ask for or parts where you have a problem with that you just do not want to give your ex the new address for personal reasons I think the can because on the Office to do something. Could imagine, You give up your office address (which do not pass) and then they can log off the dog without your address. Must know tax number halt.

In the worst case, they should let him account and pay. You simply want to report him at your new address. What disturbs you, if it pays well. Common, but goes. You can then still log elopement with basic example or Ex has taken him and does not know the new address. Everything is possible.

Should Hundi be registered with Tasso - please vergess not that must be re-registered. Think there will be more difficult because Hundi is reported with chip number and can not be registered twice. Since they can unsubscribe him but without giving any reason and you want to report new member. Reputation but in advance and ask for Tasso after. Should he not be reported there, then do it - well, just in case something happens

You said that you need to unsubscribe my new The address is that I do not want to give.

when someone logs off a dog when Steuaramt, is usually asked where the dog was discharged. In this case, you have a little chance to keep quiet about the address.

But you könntenst try your EX zuvorzulkommen and inform the Office that you xx about taking the dog from person xy from Date and sharing which simultaneously your address!

Reporting will on where you live the dog at the clerk's office of the municipality / city in the future ...

Since no further demand where the dog came from ...

Probably you present yourself indeed equal to the registration office to - then you can do it in a washing

she reports the dog simply from (are possibly on sold) and you report the animal for you to name your on - done!

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