Dog ownership, I must, I believe it ?!

Living in a rented apartment and had ever secretly a little chihuahua. Prime s found him all great as a year long and then they thought it would take too much barking as he was the other dog also now knows not whether from outside the house directly pder whether to visit or not.

But did before once asked the property bund my competent and who believed that no dog in the house like to be seen.

However, standing in the lease Pets: By appointment. ..

Can I complain that I want a dog because they have so called no specific reason and also in the lease is negotiable :)

thanks in advance !

The best answer

After welcome consultation and not means but not categorically NO.

Sure you can complain - with an uncertain outcome. A blanket NO is also mE tilted by the Court.

But secretly I would not try again. rather, etc. with a very official request to owner / managers with ground size of the animal, number

However, standing in the lease Pets: By appointment. ..

That means you have to hire the erlabnis Questions and must take into account the interests aler parties.

Can I complain that I want a dog because they have so called no specific reason and also in the lease is negotiable :)

Actions you can always. It usually comes not matter what it is for a breed of dog; unless there is a list of dog.

The question is whether you win and if you want to live at war with the rental.

In addition, a permit for legitimate reasons can also be revoked for.



@ Jaundu

You already had been a dog and was not properly educated, otherwise he would have barked too much. This is a Erziehungsssache.

What has become of him? Did you have to give the (secretly held)?

NO to can not complain if other tenants have a dog, then the landlord must not allow anyone the.

Frankly, if your second dog would bark just, then I can understand the owner.

Roommate will certainly distinguish whether now a dog barking in any apartment or outside another. Your you've kept secret.

If you're employed, however, and your dog is constantly alone, or it is not taught him gradually, then the next or next dog will behave exactly in thee. Then you should do without a dog.

After agreement is, you have to ask your landlord. If he says no, you must not keep a dog. Otherwise, he may terminate you.

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