Dog ownership is forbidden me

Hi There was indeed such a decision, the dog ownership may no longer be directly prohibited. What not to say that you simply can purchase a, I know. we have ever asked a letter / request to our landlord. as he has said no to the ground, he would have to allow all. in our house but would not one want because there are older people. a family here has a cat that we were back then banned the rental agreement. also he has said his wife and another would have fear of dogs. Incidentally, our landlord living in haus.aber we could the dog so when we go out to create a muzzle and remove only when we are the house away. we wanted to buy a havaneser. which are small dogs that do not shed hair and not barking. I am very sad about it, I wish already 4 years a dog, I cry when I see one, and almost every day. I have even been recommended by a psychologist, a dog, because I have some mental problems that a dog relieve könnte.und my mother he could also help determine, because she is sick. but if it is banned it will not do so. and we find no other apartment. we can do something about it? when we say the landlord that the psychologists that could change what? he may forbid fundamentally still in so one or we have to go to court in an emergency?

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Even the transition to court will not help you. Because the owner has the dog ownership not generally prohibited in the lease - but based on your specific request.

And all his arguments are sound. Even if now the moment perhaps none of the other tenants a dog wants - that can change in a very short time. People pull out and people prefer a - a dog lives, after all, times 15 years. During this time there will be a variety of tenant changes almost certainly - especially since there seems to be yes some older tenants.

And if it allows you a dog - he has once no reason - to prohibit new tenants dog ownership.

Why do you put your own interests above the interests of other fellow human beings? If someone is afraid - you have to accept that. Is Get the dog ownership so very important - there is a good solution: get yourself an apartment in which the dog ownership is allowed.

And if you all so sick since, the question arises whether a dog would be repealed with its long life expectancy actually good and on time with you.

Save it so the money for the court - because that is expensive for you - and a dog you will not may still hold.

Good succeed


I can only recommend that you look for your another apartment where one must keep dogs.

The landlord has sufficient reasons why You may keep a dog.

This is a shame, but you are aware of all aspects of dog ownership or? Because not want you then anschaffst you one and then you surely do not, when you see how much work it does, that would be a pity.

Go To court, probably would be the last resort, but it could be that you then indeed have a dog, but not the peace more. That would be a shame.

But it must be a dog, right? Because if cats are allowed with you, as you have supposed that even such an animal might be an option

The dog ownership must not simply be banned fixed price. To that extent the clause is invalid. If the dog ownership is banned on grounds that it is true, of course.

http: // ...

it .... As before are likely to be admissible in the lease dogs prohibitions that are not strictly but "permeable" by being as attached to authorizations that are to grant or deny the basis of clear decision conditions.

Dog ownership may perhaps no longer simply be prohibited in principle. If reasons are present, then the already even in individual cases, in a house possible.

No, on the other hand you can do nothing. The ban is m. E. sufficiently justified.

he told his wife and another would have fear of dogs.

Because the owner lives in the house with that reasoning is probably sufficient. There just people who are afraid of dogs, regardless of breed.

when we say the landlord that the psychologists that could change what?

You're funny. You call up your psychologists, where you can tell the owner a lot, but the wife of the owner should then just afraid?

You and your family will have no alternative but to accept the decision of your landlord ...

You can you even further then try to find another apartment in which the attitude of a dog is allowed.

Imagine times but one Havanesen before that gets put a muzzle because he is guided through the stairwell ??? That would be pretty stupid for the dog - even if he would get used to it ...

... And a dog Attitude ban has nothing to do with the fact that a dog barks times ...

Vllt klappts if you the VM high deposit € 1000, - to 2000 -anbietest, so any damage can cause the dogs are covered

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