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when dogs live in a house A and B, in the case of a Chihauhau and Rottweiler mixed breed, then a dog may be held without permission in House C? And how is the drawee with a therapy dog, if a certificate is not presented, the landlord may prohibit the dog?

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There are probably just new assessments of the animal (dog ownership) in rent. To my knowledge, it can not prohibit the owner. Go best to Mieterbund in your area, it die.können tell you exactly.

What Runs in other apartments is Irrelevant. You have to echoed you to your rental agreement. If you need a therapy dog, you have to stop moving. As damage could grab a special right. Just talk to the owner what the says. Good luck.:-)

Then certainly not aber..du should first definitely the landlord treat a word about it!

Just because others do it will not allow. With a dog to take responsibility for a long time (hopefully) there should be allowed to keep the license a dog already be clarified.

Just because in an apartment house other tenants already the attitude of a dog was approved, that does not not mean that you must keep a dog!

Even after the Supreme Court ruling from March of last year, it is still an individual decision of the landlord to allow the dog ownership. Only guide dogs do not require retention permission.

Basically, you should always go with honest way and look the owner call ... Just speaking people can be helped ... - So we talk together and already there's an answer ...

Only talk to the owner, then act.

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