Dog panting a lot and is funny rum

Maybe someone can help me here. My Rotti bitch is now almost 13 years old but still very fit and playful. As far as I know she has spondylosis of the spine and some Atritis. For about one week, she was at once totally weird: hecheln strong, anxious, restless, shaky, very affectionate ... Obviously she was in pain. We drove immediately to the veterinary clinic, where she was examined and the doctor said that they in the lumbar region sensitive / painful responding. Pulse was a little high. Temperature was ok. There was still an x-ray of heart / lung / liver made ... Nothing enlarged, no shadows or other abnormalities. Allen apparently she has "just" a pinched nerve in the spine. My old lady was splashing against the pain and the muscles are soft. When we got home was her condition worse ... But since it was already night, we wanted to wait until the next morning. She's been up half the night, has strongly heckled and did not want to lie down. The next day I went with her to our house vet. The thought also that they are somewhat "pinched / panned" has ... So splash back and schmertabletten. Their behavior at the moment is almost normal ... That you go normally, eats, drinks, wants to play ... As it is always a long time (up to an hour) just around, panting and looking "stupid". Something is wrong with it but I do not have no plan what. The only thing that I have noticed that they now and then a funny movement makes his head ... But only a few times a day ... So do not ever. I've already considered but if she had a mild stroke as evidence suggests there against and the doctors said no. Maybe it has now and then simply just pain from the back but if it was that she would not be so run "around" or to roll on the ground or? Maybe someone has a good advice for me here. Bin for any help appreciated ... Do me worry about the "Small"

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Spondylosis can be very painful for the dog. Look if delivered to you in the area, a TA or THP works with laser therapy. Just in case of problems with the spine of success is very high. Mostly you already notice an improvement after the first treatment, and after 5-6 treatments you have a completely different dog. These chronic diseases, it is of course important to be "on the ball is" in this regard. But if you come good in the end with 2 treatments a month to make ends meet, which is always better than to keep the dog with tablet painless that damage permanently the liver and kidneys.

Can your veterinarian do an ultrasound? I would still definitely recommend as a diagnostic measure. Abdomen and heart. Not everything can be seen on the radiograph.

It is not normal when a dog after extensive pain medication is bad!

Strokes in dogs there's not that are Vestibulärsyndrome.

What do the blood tests? Were a complete blood count, incl. Organ values ​​made?

If you believe that your old lady was treated and well supplied with their acute pain occurred, I would now just so another idea in mind:

Circulatory disorders or an oxygen deficiency in the brain ...

This can then namely quite like "stroke symptoms" look ...

Say your house treated Vet some games on the theme of ...

One can your old lass also be examined neurologically - but whether the effort is really necessary ???

Freedom from pain is always in my opinion at 1st place for the dog

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