Dog passes gorge themselves after.

Hello I han again a problem. And eats the kira you eat for a few days so quickly that she vomits after that and then immediately eats vomited and then is good. How I can do that she does not eat so fast?

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There are extra dog bowls that make it difficult to come to eat. In order for the dogs as slings. I can not say exactly but whether really achieve the desired effect. Did it even not yet been tested.

What you feed her? Our answer has always heavily wrapped, but that is also in the nature of the dog.

Since we feed Barfen and very large pieces of meat and bones, because they have to chew forcibly. I basically want transitional also hold, lest an attempt directly to swallow.

If that is so extreme, however, for only a few days, then it must be a cause for yes. Have you ever taken her the fodder for a while or has something changed? Without reason a dog will not change its behavior so.

Give your dog just several times a day a very small portion of their food ...

Give it to her but piecemeal .always a little bit then ud wait a few minutes, maybe it helps.

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