Dog peeing whenever I come to visit!

Dear Community,

I have a question to the Dog Whisperer among you! A friend owns a Labrador, and whenever I visit, he pees (the dog) mostly out and is obviously pleased. He has definitely not afraid of me, can be scratch from me and follows me everywhere! What could that mean then? That he so happy that I'm here?

thank you in advance

The best answer

What could that mean then? That he so happy that I'm here?

yes, make a lot of dogs. If it should / bother you you, then you could proceed to the dog ignore only once and then welcome when he has calmed down!

Yes that is also called joy pee makes the dog of my friend also. It would be soooo Doll you're finally again there;)

having my dog ​​once made when my cousin came, I think it has badly happy, so I think the dog your girlfriend well (:

Yes, that is probably pleasure. If you can get out of it only once, to greet him, then remains clean the apartment. ;-)

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