Dog pees and defecates despite long Späziergängen

Hello everybody! We have a 4,5 month old bitch and she is not housebroken! We (my husband and I) go about every 2 hours with her out, off and pees on or defecates it .... but rarely! Once we get home, she runs to the terrace door and urinates or defecates as there! How should I wean her that?

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You can find up here right below the "Search" many useful hints and tips on how to get a dog housebroken.

Even on the Internet, as in this link

http: // ...

Definitely not scold the dog, but grabs him and then immediately back out. Babies can not scolding even if the diapers are full. The one changes without words.

I myself watching again and again that many dog ​​owners have very little patience, what make businesses outside concerns. The dog sniffs the ground for other dog tracks and then it takes them too long and then is drawn that the dog runs along again.

Likewise, I also observe that dogs where people have a garden need usually longer, until they are housebroken. A garden should not be used, so that the dog even easier there quickly, for the walk should be there.

Inside not grumble silently odometer and outside praise repeatedly.

Here you need even more patience and time and this work is totally underestimated by many dog ​​owners.

4.5 months ......... na which can then be. If you see that they tried in the apartment you can her quiet times with the command: No, from saying that this is wrong. And then immediately go out with her ...... especially the small praise when se outside peed and 'scold' when se wants to do it in the apartment. With grumble I do not mean that you do yell shalt or so but very quiet with air ernstr say off! And then out praise just and smile, then she realizes that soon. Patience is required. For small babies that's no different if you have children should. But this can already take some time, but it will work ......

When home somewhere hinmacht with you, then scold definitely and sometimes be noisy. Then definitely take the dog and go outside! Your they can actually even not aware of a few minutes and therefore punish.

In return, if she does her business outside effusive praise (high voice).

All this takes time, but can be done!

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