dog pees in hundebett !?

Hey guys, I got a bitch who every night come to my room and sleeping in my old seat cushions and has been for almost 3 years, 2 days ago she got me in the morning with "dig and scrape" awakened seat cushions on her and when I have called it ran under the cabinet (second sleeping space in my room). Have I thought nothing and got up normally. But last night she was back in the seat cushion, and when I tried to stroke it has so smelled pee, she has made in her bed! But why? She also has very often been raging but cystitis in snow kanns not be because she has not done it then and before that never! What can I do that she does not do it again?

And the other problem is how I wash at best a seat cushion? The urine is also determined in the balls :(

Thank you in advance now. :)

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If your dog doing something, then there is a reason. Let them check times by the veterinarian, not that this is an organic problem, and it has problems with the kidneys or bladder.

If everything is ok, then I would assume that it will not happen again. As such, it does not have to adhere to a long time. For dogs that is never pleasant to make in their own territory, thus must be something happens.

Can you the balls to take out? Then I would the envelope times in the washing machine. In the balls that usually attracts not Eini, as far as I know no Styrofoam WAteR receives. Can the inner life but then rinse well with water and allow to dry for several days.

I would also dispose of the Sitzkisen, if only so that the dog is not animated by the existing in the Styrokugeln smell, to do it again.

When was the bitch the last time in heat? Some females behave (scratching and pawing = nest or den building, pee = Mark or "throw") about 8 weeks after the estrus. False pregnancy would be my guess. But precisely: just tells you that probably a vet / vet.

But cystitis kanns not be because she has not done it then

oh but, a bladder infection is a bacterial infection. The bacteria rising through the urethra into the bladder and cause inflammation.

You should therefore necessarily quickly go to the vet and let examine your dog!

Hm when otherwise normal drinking and normal Pipi does I would claim as their accidents;) I'd the seat cushion I think wegschmeissen ... if it is too large for the washing machine and not much endures .... if that goes with washing machine and soak them in advance. make again it will not automatically want when she sleeps there;)

Whether your dog has a urinary tract infection or even a bladder infection that cleared only an investigation at the vet. And that should best happen tomorrow ...

The beanbag or the seat cushion you purify easiest with an electric steam cleaner. There are special solutions which also have a disinfecting effect.

Well, only "happy" for your dog is to be hoped ...

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