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I have a two year old German shepherd mix who is very happy with the so-called. "baton" passes. In the beginning I've thought nothing of it until I learned better. My dog ​​has been injured while playing with the little branch on the throat. Now I only use his toys out of the shop with outside, with which he can retrieve or frolic. This works two or three times just fine, but only until he finds a stick on the way. It does not matter whether it is ten or eighty centimeters long. Then he drops his toy and plays with the branch. He leaves the floor that fall when I call him and take away the stick, but few minutes later he has found the next.

Does anyone have good ideas and tips on how I can stop this?

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If he could do that for 2 years, it takes a while until the interest subsides. Weirs just keep consistently from when he turns to Stöchchen and play with the alternatives, then it will come.

You can even try a piece of garden hose (20cm) to offer as an alternative. This can be bought from us at the hardware store the meter is low, robust and is very well accepted by most sheepdogs as Stüclchenersatz. It can be great throw, plug it in, and pull on it and there is no risk of injury.

My Schäfi is it totally and had 3 pieces as a reward for rescue dogs working.

my dog ​​I had to discourage hunting. during his puberty take he cut at every opportunity from just in the forest, in the cow pasture, in the barn of calves ... I am almost desperate. then I have to all walks a bag taken full toy, quitschzeug, balls, etc. kong every time he I-but-what-exciting has turned ..... just a bit the head direction da-visually, I have in my bag gripped and held with a toy a small affentheater. when he came running then, I briefly played with ih, then let him sit, hiding the toy and then let him seek it. in this way I spent the whole walk through interesting for him and he did not let me suck on and the was jagerei no topic more. added, of course, only as long as I was very present, dreaming I will not walk with my dog ​​today. but I think it's a matter of time and maturation, to stabilize the whole. so I would imagine that you also, with some engagement play with different, distract your dog from the sticks and point out new games could.

You can give him but also a nice stick of hazel eg fetch, which has no edges, etc. and is not too long. then Show him the stick and rejoice exaggerated, so he thinks this is the best stick in the world :-)

Each dog has its own favorite toy. Our only plays with balls, which he can chase, everything can not roll is totally uninteresting. That was the road rather an unfortunate individual cases, you can even pay attention to how the branches look like that comes up with your dog and if they are sharp or pointy branches in it, then you take it away from him and your looking for a better road.

Our dog has once torn a claw the ball game, it has properly bled, we had the vet and he was about 2 weeks a bandage. Because of this incident we did not forbid him his beloved ball game, even a dog wants to have fun in his life and not be wrapped in cotton wool.

Why do not you let him continue playing with sticks? If it causes him pain, he'll stop by itself. Perhaps he can also accurately characterized. This Plastic Toy is guaranteed not healthier.

Very easily. The next time just go with towline and let your dog for a moment from his eyes. Only if you consistently helps eliminate unwanted each receiving a stick, he can understand what you want from him. Reward him for any left lying Stock with an extremely delicious bite of meat or the like. It must be worthwhile for him. With a toy that he finds less attractive, you do not get the in handle.

I wish you success!

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