Dog Pregnant? HELP!

Hey, I need drigend Hilfe.Meine bitch is between 11 (months) -1 (year) alt.Sie ​​has never been in heat and yesterday with 7 dogs in a meadow gespielt.4 males you are permanently chased and have growled at each other. .. We thought nothing bei.Bis one of which he has climbed and about 45 seconds on their war.Ich'm hingerannt quickly and have the dog scared .. In such a short time may be but nothing happens, right? I suspect that my dog ​​has come into season without that I noticed something .: The males do not want to leave her and jump at me when I wear high to wegzukommen.Kann the dog get pregnant in such a short time? so far as I know takes an act 15 minutes and they depend on Po Po that was at my not so.

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Can the dog in such a short time to get pregnant?

yes, it can happen!

Go with the dog to the vet today and you let the safety "syringe after" give!

Actually, it takes longer primarily depend 10-15min which thereafter. may be tearing apart the then not, because both the dog and the dog can be seriously injured.

Dopey asked - but was he?

Go to the vet and ask for. There is also a syringe for later, so it is not just pregnant. The going but I think only up to a day later. So do not wait too long.

There are females, licking the blood away so that you can not see the blood there. But usually swells the vulva. After a few days the blood diminishes, becomes brighter and the vulva shrinks (looks like a Walmuß) and then the floor day and in precisely these can be a bitch pregnant. These are also often the only day when a female dog can turn and the rod laying on the side.

It surprises me that the last days no dog of her wanted what. Males are enthusiastic about a bitch already in the heat from the floor days, but since in turn leaves a bitch usually the males do not turn.

Can of course be a little different in the first heat everything.

Clarify it in from TA.

So when was only shortly afterwards, then there is nothing passier. How long is she in heat? they say yes: one week it is, one week it stays and one week to do it. So dangerous is the 2nd week. It says the dog and makes sense. The rest of the time she bites the dog away. But if the dog had climbed it, then the dogs stick afterwards still about 15 minutes together (bottom to bottom). If that was not the case, then you need you also worry. This sticking is namely unavoidable. This is simply due to the penis of the male and once he has introduced it into the vagina until reaching the full erection. The rear part of the glans, the so-called nodes, the solid anchoring of male and female and the sealing of the sheath serves.

So if as none has been related to your bitch, then she is not pregnant.

Just in case, but you can let the vet spray the dog also. The morning-after pill for dogs. Normal three syringes, which are available in a Zeitrum of 2 or 3 weeks.

And what came out at the vet? I would say without slopes is NOT pregnant! That was just a test, but no successful coverage.

actually noted an owner very well, if the dog is licking .. multiplies, the vulva swells in heat ... it makiert quite frequently ..

so you have a noticeable owner.

sichehrheits sake please go necessarily with your bitch to vet -den with 11 months she is still too young for a traechigekeit! the vet can give her a syringe ...

mnachmal extends a shorter time!

You'll probably hopefully tomorrow go to the vet and let examine your bitch ...

A reasonable veterinarian will tell you also what to do in order not to let it come to a pregnancy.

For the future I would like to urge you to inform you in detail and thoroughly about living together with a bitch ... You have to know how often in your dog with the heat is to be expected and should know the signs of the onset of oestrus. ..

The mere ride up the dog does not lead to pregnancy ...

So I do not what happened. Because if the rude has an effusion, you can not separate them afterwards. With us this was so. I do not know if that's important to you. But would any dog ​​impregnate my bitch I would show these people. Drifting is always so ne thing is somehow a kind of murder.

She has the males also not so easy rangelassen se it is always running away and has circulated gedreht..Aber when it she has left now .. Means a day ago I'll ask my vet ..

Just ask your veterinarian might indeed Gibt's dogs the morning after pill.

In doubt always to the doctor

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