Dog Pregnant?

Hi, I have for two weeks a Beagle mix dog (4 years) from an animal welfare organization. I wonder if she could possibly be pregnant because she eats very little, but her belly in the two weeks is extremely waxed. Your Zietzen are also grown a bit and have slightly discolored. Or that everything is normal, because the new living space and the new people? Hope you can help me LG

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Or that everything is normal, because the new living space and the new people?

No, that has nothing to do with the conversion. When the stomach has become extremely thick, which can be disease-related causes. Pregnant females actually have an increased appetite, so that's a bit weird. Go to the vet and let examine the bitch.

Turn away as soon as possible to a veterinarian !!!

Should your dog be pregnant, very huge costs to come to you and I would but ask again in mediating Orga as they present themselves to ...

All the best for the dog!

So you should immediately consult a veterinarian. Because only there you'll get an answer to your question.

Here nobody is sitting at a crystal ball. Therefore you can also Nobody tell if she is pregnant - or a tumor has - or is a false pregnancy - or anything which is "in the bush" ...

when you have only 2 weeks, then ask for time at the animal welfare orga after ...

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