dog probably injured his hip, vet ?!

Hello zsm features, our dog (male, 9 years old, fit and healthy in itself) has obviously hurt the other hip. My stiefdad was today noon with him outside because he probably is wildly rolled un jumping around, suddenly whined loudly. When I was with him before he ran out normally, then got ichdie neighbor bitch hit, the two have played un suddenly he wd loud whined un immediately given way back. I wanted to scan it but once you approach the hip, it recedes. but he does running relatively normally, you only recognize a slight lame with the behind-running, our rather steep entrance stairs he came up normal. At the age of 1 year he was un times approached the hip broke her, the doctors said he could aged times get joint problems. Now I wanted to ask if jm Something of his animal knows un ne idea has what could be and whether we as quickly as possible to the vet ensure genuine sollten..mach me that the sweet which has serious .. Thanks in advance

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With 9 years this will be the first incipient signs of wear. The animal appeared to severe pain, therefore you have to of course to the vet. That should be X-rayed in order to know what exactly is present. In addition, the dog needs safe painkillers. If he gets no runs in posture, and that can make the joint damage even worse.

All the best!

I would have to go to the vet because better once been too much as you can the animal also not so limp rather let the vet!

today have veterinarians, animal hospitals on - your dog has schmwerzen and must warden examined and treated. can worsen so go there please still go -abwarten everything

Many veterinary practices also open on Saturday. I mean, you shall your dog definitely tomorrow introduce a veterinarian. No matter how the diagnosis will be - it is clear that the dog is in pain and on the other hand you have to absolutely do something.

All the best for your dog!

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