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I have a question to you .. I have a Jack russell terrier mix dog ... He is generally very "sensitive" and suffers from anxiety and leaves sometimes a small puddle if he feels uncomfortable or makes him something angst ..

Yesterday I was with my husband at my in-laws .. My mother in law can not in principle be to feed the dog !! There were often already Zoff, but understand they still do not do it! I may be my in-laws .. but my mother does not understand that they should refrain "to stuff" the dog it did not work. I would my dog ​​food, sometimes a Vienna, rice, pasta or so ... Would I not tell you something .. But it is feeding my dog ​​genuinly everything! Stews up to noodle casserole ... Kassler ... grilled chicken steak .. ... everything. So wirklihch what with everything they will be held from noon or so remains .. And it's not like they something gives him .. when really the dog until it can no longer be fed! I do not because I do not for good hot if my dog ​​gets simply everything is sometimes really strong seasoned just like it!

Our dog gets in our times ... some pasta for a change to wet and dry food .. or even a bone I possibly even before something abkoche ..

But you really that if our dog was with my mother that he is immediately inflated properly. Evening I again to worse because he whines and whines .. the day after, he will then never anything to eat (probably because his dry food is not as spicy) Our dog then Bollard also often times purely though we were perhaps before 15 minutes down with him.

What can I do that my dog ​​eats normally again? I specially already brought his favorite food which is also not exactly cheap ..

And how do I get that with my mother in the handle? I was already at the vet and asked how it can be that our dog several times simply leaves only puddles in the apartment after we knew it not at my in-laws waren..Er ... but he said I should einfahc to my mother say that they thus harm the animal and he can not handle (the spices etc) to and refrain therefore. - But has not helped ..

Recently we were at the vet .. there was our dog schmerzmittel..der vet said most the animal first the next hours do not feed .. otherwise it could be that he vomits or so .. Of course, we were back at my in-laws .. My mother heard again nicht..und just could not let it be .. -.-

We have the dog already in the car gelassen..ihn chained on tisch..aber always she gets her sake and my friend sits there not durch..und when I say what's up again powerful contending.

The best answer

And leave the dog at home is also so because we usually go or spontaneous one thing .. my friend that so defines .. Yesterday we were in the forest .. why should Hundi with .. and if we leave the dog at home generally marked it everything ... in protest probably .. :(

Has anyone any idea how I can teach my mother let it fly that she has to unterlassne it? gave her the said yes several times and it does not seem that interested .. my friend is doing nciht much and if he says what times then nothing happened ... he always says "let them know that as doch..du my mother is." I think it's corrosive .. what is that supposed to be when we have children? then it will certainly not be different ...

Hi, I do not think that the pee from the feed comes, but he does not EVLT with the state clearly comes from house to be pushed to the house. So lacking in principle always a person who is constantly and always there.

And please never heat bones which not only leads to sterility, but also to the bone is hard and brittle and may possibly break off and so the dog can internally slit formally. So bone exclusively feed raw.

If your mother would have a man, I would bring the man everyday cigars, wine and a lot of unhealthy things, let's see what it says;)

Otherwise, I would advise to deliver the dog directly with matching food and treats, maybe it works, that they only gives him ?? Or you make a list of things from the kitchen purely allowed the hesitation ??

My Lienchen is poison victims and contain only certain things. Clear announcement to all: no one is feeding the dog which I have not checked - otherwise no more visits. It took two months until they have grasped it with my parents. Since then, no more Prtobleme.

Either the lasssen the odr you stay with your dog at home - that's it.

or even a bone I possibly even before something abkoche

Cooked bones are dangerous fpür the dog. Raw or not

variety to the wet and dry feeds

either wet or fodder Trofu, mix leads to stomach problems. Better yet would dur him reasonable diet, thus convert raw feeding. Has this out at our incontinent Lienchen it is no longer inkontionent

Please never cook bone, which then lose their flexibility and shatter.

And please stop to feed on pasta or other cereals. This often triggers allergies, skin, coat and possibly also joint problems.

Regarding the mother I would put her strict rules and also bring the clearly expressed. do you think if it must be, they just simply physically to feed them from him. I can not have, if people always arrive with any Getreidefertigpamp with my dog ​​(pronounced Frolic etc) is not at all.

Steak and meat scraps I've fewer problems, as long as they are not cooked and lying around forever. But wirklcih spicy stuff I would find not ok.

However, this may also have peeing oragnische causes, such as kidney problems or the like. Let the simply block check, maybe it has so directly nothing to do with the visit to the mother-yes.

I would clearly tell the mother-: either you think you control it on my or we no longer come.

I've done this several times and am already after the third time, saying simply gone.

he was examined for a bladder infection?

Eure feeding is not exactly healthy. Which kibble he gets it?

Since your mother is beratungsresistent and the dog is certainly not move to reject the treats, you can only separate the two spatially clearly.

The question is: How can your mother the dog ever give something to eat ??? Is not he with you ???

He is not driven at night or whines can already come from bottles food. he Determines stomach pain and feels uncomfortable! He poops too often when it comes from the law Monster ???

For dogs with sensitive stomachs and "eating disorders" I can only recommend the Barfen. I also have a lot of food (wet and dry) attempts until I came across the Barfen. From today morning we went to the dog better!

Bring the great woman in that they with their nature slowly but surely killing the dog !!!! The spicy stuff is practically poison for a dog. If the chicken then even bones are here ... have fun. What the drives as is animal cruelty !!! Irresponsible. As a dog owner, I would not hold my two such torment, as long as the "lady" stay away until it becomes clear. Furthermore, I would set before her all the vet bills and medications.

My in-laws also felt dog can do anything and everything food.

The tooth I pulled them quickly.

Our rules are respected and our dog training is to accept, because they would otherwise have to do without * * son, daughter and dog completely.

You do not have 1 or 2 x is trying to trick us, got a kick-off and it was good.

Sit by!

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