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What deters dogs or upset them? It may also be harder stuff!

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One can work with punishment ...

But much better is a reward!

Instead of trying to scare the dog, reward him when he does something right! Since rich commercial treats or dry kibble.

The closer you can also bring other, when it comes to strange dogs.

If it's all about a sidewalk, just talk to the owner.

There are buying, which has an unpleasant scent for dogs, so that they avoid the places a spray eg in Freßnapf. You can also talk with the owners who bring their dogs there toward the solution ... What's with the hard stuff ???

Wenns to your front yard it comes are plants that cats and dogs are to keep away alleged that hot Verpissdich plants.

basically you need but discourage owners destroy and not dogs. Best water bucket and whenever man thinks the dog permit in your garden, you pour the man on the pail. I think after 3 times it has learned the most stupid man.

Show each responsible dog owners to

As I headed a little bother, I would like to know if you want to punish your dog, just because he is not yet likely housebroken and has defecated somewhere ...

With PUNISHMENT you reach there namely not much and the dog in his pile not push more than ever!

There is electricity collars but are in Germany FORBIDDEN!

It only helps nonviolent EDUCATION in your case!

What is for ever for a problem? Tougher methods but no solution! DasProblem must be solved differently ....

Honestly times, unsettling? That sounds stupid to have a maximum! Yourself alone so express ... I only hope that you yourself have a dog that you can keep on with something disturbing. And in the event that you, the dogs of other people disturb willst- let it be! This can be very few people like, and that is how it should be!

What are you now? Everything else here is guesswork about an unhappy worded question. Clairvoyant are not we all!

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