Dog - Problem with the Gassi times


Erm I'm just come home, I experienced the Gau with my dog. Large brown and on the white carpet of my parents .....

Ok the problem: My parents are nude. in Australia the since 2w and yet for 2w, therefore I have to look after the dog. The last 2w was no problem, Break and accordingly a lot of time making 3-4 times a day for a walk easy. Since today the study goes on and I have at 6am to leave the house and have 2-3 days a week but not until 17:00 at home again: S. Does I can gassi at 6 am and at 17:00 only again ^^ ... that the do not join our bitch showed it today impressively. This was the first time that's happened so in the last 12 years, I sleep separately near her that she can wake me up at night when the dog is Not ^^.

But how I can get the next 2w without further disasters across the stage ... We have a very large garden and I could let them out, are also ne good sheltered spot so it should Regne it does not get wet (problem is there outside is still quite cold: S.

Do you have ideas?

Greeting D.

The best answer

Yes get yourself a sitter everything else is animal cruelty.

was the end of your holiday so suddenly that you could not take care of the supply of the dog? Every normal person who loves his dog would have been clear that this long time in the worst possible. I've already a guilty conscience if my dog ​​has to stay in truly exceptional 6 hours alone ...

In there are many offers. Then you have to stop biting and pay the bullet. Otherwise it is not feasible except you can go home between inside and let the dog out.

Please next time to better plan and contingency plans in the hindquarters have ..

Is there with you in the area not a nice neighborhood kid that would be willing to go for a walk for a few euros with your bitch ?! I had a similar problem (although my dog ​​not alone for so long as your when I am at work) and then have my 15-year-old neighbor boy asked if he would like to earn a few euros to do so. He comes at 13 o'clock from the school and then goes so an hour Hundilein run. He is rewarded with € 4 (ie 20 € the week). He happy Hundilein happy and I that she "high need" also gets because I know not.

on your numerous gassi round -before your study again

went off you -Did sure people hit with dogs - in other words, they take on the problem, and please your dog on a round ..

but you have yet known how long have you then accepted from the house are .. how could that dog now manages at once so long without klogehrunde?

2 weeks at the shelter, but something organize intelligent dog owners in advance. Money is indeed sufficient available (Australia Travel)

Get help, it's not that a dog so many hours can not walk the dog.

question nevertheless times your neighbors to help? maybe there's somewhere in it a dog?

A dog should not even six hours to remain alone, then you can directly 13 hours alone? Wow.

Pick one sitter for the dog, which is 1 difficult for the bubble 2. characterized bad for the kidneys and 3. absolutely unbearable and pure stress for the pack animal.

The only sensible is a sitter, or AT LEAST someone in between times with the animal goes out 2 hours.

Is there with you as a Hundeausführservice?

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