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Hi for a few days is my dog ​​(10 months) very funny. Sometimes he is stormy, it is again only around. Will eat anything, eats like a bull. I wonder if he sick or is he just in puberty. For several days he also lifts the leg when piddle.

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I do believe that he is in puberty! For many it will come sooner and in some later!

Although My dog ​​is only 3 months old but makes the completely same things as you! gg you will not figure them!

You're right .... and yet he needs limits that you him very friendly (but without laughing) show should - logical comments or explanations are superfluous - a simple no is with serious look and a slight twitching of contact in the neck area enough

Och is normal. The hormones go haywire. As long as he otherwise prop is fitt me I'd make a little thought.

My dog ​​has fallen lift the first leg.

So signs of the Pu b ertät are actually not, lift up on the leg, at best!

If you want to know if your dog is sick, it would be advisable to consult a veterinarian to!

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