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Hey guys, my dog ​​(4 years old, Border Collie Mix) always pulls on the leash, wenns goes out to Gassie-go, and she sees other dogs. Otherwise they can reasonably go mugwort, but as soon as another quadruped in sight, she begins to draw. She does not bark, not snarling, she just pulls just like crazy and then responds to nothing, not even on treats. Have you an idea, what you could do there ???

Apologize in advance thank you very much !!!

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This response, although I have ever sent someone, but if it can help twice, then they should do that =)

I visit a dog school in which one learns how to respect and trust of the dog on natural, so doglike base earned. We go quite differently before, like most dog schools, but it works just fine and is also completely free of violence. There are indeed some acts which are sometimes perceived as rude, but these are merely reactions which exerts a lead dog / Central dog or another sovereign member of the pack for education. Because in a pack will be no excited dogs, but a calm, stable animals. Is a dog excited so rummages this on the whole pack. Therefore, the education usually begins already in the mother and must therefore really only be continued. This does exactly what I now want to explain for the leash you. Namely, it sets limits.

It is important first of all that you act calmly and firmly. Your goal, therefore, is not to let the dog pull forward. A compromise between a loose lead, but running forward here is not possible. But it's better that way, when running next to you, since you thus ingest the position of Leithundes and are bidding him guidance and security.

How you act now finally, I write to you on in key points, because it is so clear.

- Try your views usually be sent to the front

- If he now draws, then you see the sight angles

- Make a lunge in front of him and push him back practically (but not touch) and / or use the canine Stop

- The dog-like stop, in a large dog or if the other options are not enough, a slight nudge with your leg or just a small, pretty energetic pricker with your fingers (only not at the neck / head) - this simulates the correction bite a dog - his , For this you can even something like ssst or say Hey well. That alone should also meet later.

- He has anything discovered what he anbellen / hunt / where he wants to drag necessarily, so you can interrupt the canine stop and turn his thoughts, his plans, his instinct to you or elsewhere it also

- That was the whole secret, so you put limits while walking

- But you have your dog always remind, but soon a short stop noise will in most cases be sufficient (a common word as No or Off are incidentally not as good as they are often used to command excessively)

- If you do it right, the dog after about 10 minutes will be on leash

- Should not work there, I will send you also like a video where you see how it goes

- Start best to put your dog in everyday life limits

I hope you come so rightly. If you have interest, then probiers but from simply times!

Oh, another little tip:

Distribute your dog the best food mainly in the garden / on the meadow / woodland or let it work it out somehow. That is his fun and he must thus use his nose a lot, which is good. It also employs him. Quite different, how to get the feed from a boring bowl!

So, I wish you luck yet with your companion and a lot of fun!

Greetings DreamDog

So basically there is no line contact with me. For the following reasons: tension on the leash, lack of communication for the purpose of the body language of the dog, and because of the leash. How should the dog distinguish today I must to the dog, next time do not. Does the dog have success on a leash, which is never what. First of all you should make eye contact exercises. That your dog learns to focus on more. Then should the all important draw never lead to success. This means no matter where the dog pulls back, not a success. Be it interesting smell or even other dogs. Immediate change of direction is called for here. The drawing times consistently unsuccessfully a couple of weeks so by.

Once my dog ​​began to pull on the leash, I have always a flash changed direction and ignored him "without regard to losses" as soon as the leash again sagged immediately praised and gone in the direction.

My dog ​​knows when another dog he comes has to go to me and ask for permission must to be able to play. That should be him then even if it is somehow possible to allow as a reward.

So a Border Collie needs a lot of employment and consistency you have noted a wahnsinng interligenten dog of every emotion with Him.

Try to love him even spiritual employment Al' la Hundesport begin.

On the issue we are working on. Unlike you (?), We have our dog but only for 3 weeks.

The question is - she must then go to the dogs, (speaking to the other herrchen, obs is ok) or you just want to go on unmolested and without wrangling?

Has she sufficient social contact, or lacks the most possible?

We helped tremendously (the dishes!) If I just ignore the other dogs - and unimpressed straightway go on without it to respond that my dog ​​will go to the dogs. (Changing the direction, the street, etc.). Stay calm, you tell (and one probably loud) "This dog does not interest us!" - More for your attitude, the dog verstehts not yes.

With us the spectacle is then eaten after a few steps.

If the situation and the environment will allow you intelligent but with the other dog owners if it is ok if the dogs know each other. (Without a leash. Of course, not roadside a main road or so :-P) The offers itself particularly when you exactly these dogs often meet.

Go to dog school, if you do not already do that. After the first hour extensively with other dogs together was our much less interested passersby with dog.

Pick a Gassi accompanied with dog.

Previously, I had tried to distract them with tasks and treats, they are carrying out or have sunbeds, so that the other dog can walk past .... (was not my idea, came from ner trainer !!) and the NULL worked. No, about 10-20 seconds and then no more. Wrangling with no end and at almost 30 kilos which is unpleasant.

HEy :))

You could possibly even get a Dog Whisperer to or even the mission with Caesar the Dog Whisperer look: D As you can determined abgucken something. One must always remain the master of the house. You are the pack leader.

Lg anthony1

The answer to the mentioned by you "problem" is: EDUCATION

If the dog has always lived with you, then you have probably in the last more than 3 1/2 years failed with your dog to work on the leash.

Get your advice, assistance and guidance in a good and working without the use of force obedience school.

seeking a hundeschule on which is the best solution

indeed led your bordermix times humanely from - the need no GAS VICTORY MARRIAGES who must work ,, as mix. and it's funny that you behave this is 4 years not noticed, and now all at once but - what have you done for the last several years, 4? - Nothing --genau ---- and so is your dog today so -

you simply NOT early enough educated him - get a good trainer and learning at the how to raise a dog, because not the DOG but DUU must get yourself !!! learn how you learn to understand your dog and then by what you teach him, so it ankommt-- with him also

There is a very simple trick that always "draws" usually. Put the leash once around the chest (front) of your dog, pull it up on the back through again. There is therefore a sling at the front around the chest. As soon as the dog pulls, the force is no longer on the neck, but to the entire chest. You will wonder how well this works.

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