! Dog pulls on the leash!

So my grandma has a middle-sized dog and if I go with him walking then he pulls on the leash !!!! This is a so slow on the laces! He is endweder 2 or 3 thus still young. In the dog school he was and you could not help us. Since my grandmother lives in the countryside are the hares, deer, etc. Annoying! What should we just do not ????

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First, rethink your attitude. Because the dog can not help it, you have it taught him that.

I have a 50 kg dog, which has always drawn when he desperately wanted to go where. Even in the forest it was bad when he recorded a track. I've also tried everything from stopping, change of direction over, leash jerk, etc. At the beginning it was better, but worked really not really.

Then I bought him a harness. And that was again a reason to exercise. Now I make it so: he point I draw the line at full length, represents. Here I the canvas briefly, he has to run beside me. That was at the beginning, of course, not easy, I had him only just make time understand what I want. So leash short and if he wanted to go forward, I blocked him, got him sent to my body backwards. He has then understood quickly. Well then there was the command to do so. that is not a word but a snapping at me. Whenever he ran fine with me, I geschnalzt and then given him a treat. Thus I have conditioned him to my snap. If so, how to do it with the clicker.

Now I just have to flick and Oskar walks beside me. That does not necessarily mean that he has to run away. He allowed behind me, beside me or something running in front of me, but without pulling.

And if he may draw back, I just do the line longer. But he no longer accuses even today. only when his hated neighbor's cat is under the car, or if he has discovered a super interesting trail in the forest.

But all this also will not happen overnight. Man has always setbacks. But the need to be, so you know what you have to work.

Oskar was also a leash Rambo, that made third when other dogs came. In freewheeling no problems, only on a leash, but not with any dog. Worst of all, if we in dogs walked past that rioted on their property was. I then always avoided this way. Oer when we dog came to meet exactly where I knew he begins gleichc again.

But this is wrong. Today I'm aware of past these dogs. I do not care whether this then disengage the fence. Me then interested only my dog. I bobachte my dog ​​then exactly. he Fixes from afar, then I go back a little until he calms down. then I go back before a piece. If he behaves quietly, there is a biscuit. And so on.

We are so far that we can go past his greatest enemy, a Dogue de Bordeaux, without which he then pulls towards me, or he barks.

So my dog ​​(11 months) has initially always done it, to him and I was taught in the dog school on how to best proceed if you want to walk with his dog, without holding it on a leash. I've then the lake etc tries and the trust has built up quite quickly, but there are also moments when he has a leash on again and although he prefers still there (because he wants to run faster or my speed can not correctly assess) but mostly he wants to keep the leash simply himself with the mouth. Is it with you more that he would like to run faster or he pulls easily on a leash, even if it is touched?

In the dog school he was and you could not help us.

Then there was either no or a very bad dog school.

Exactly for such problems are as sensible dog schools, not coffee or something to drink.

Tips on the Internet are very bad and can be counterproductive since there are neither dog nor owner / leader and looks. It must be addressed individually to each dog and each person reacts differently.

bisjen pull back on the leash ... Does it hurt though but dan he does not soon has a Tierazt time also advised me and it has helped

If he pulls, stop. Until he sits down or turns to you, then go on. Although he is still hanging about 15 minutes in the line, stay there until he turns to you or makes seat. Can little take, you need patience, but it works.

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