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Hi :) I have a few questions because we :) soon get a dog here a few questions: • What do you do in the puppy school • When will you go with the dog in the puppy school • from how many years I can with the dog in the puppy school (as it is mine) • How long does a puppy lesson • How much for a puppy lesson: D & exactly the same questions now for the dog school!

Thank you so much ! :)

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• What do you do in the puppy school: the puppies learn by playing with other puppies deal, are socialized, etc. They also learn basic commands like sit and down. Many puppies schools make excursions for example to the city or night walks etc. Above all, learn the holder as he can teach what Hundi. It is good for especially people who have the first dog.

• When will you go with the dog in the puppy school: If Welpi lives with you within 1 week. So if he has become accustomed to the new environment, you have already developed a relationship. From the ages, it is important, when the puppy feeding. Earliest at 8 weeks may be issued puppy. Ie. So at 9 weeks puppy school. Do you get Welpi 12 weeks ago - then old 13 weeks old in the puppy school. but Take the week not literally. Depending on how fast Welpi acclimated and confidence sums. With my dog ​​I would have been the next day hinkönnen - with my dog ​​after 1 week.

• from how many years I can with the dog in the puppy school (because it belongs to me). Walking alone with dog darfste only 16 years old. In the puppy school with accompaniment it does not matter. How old you must be to go alone with Welpi in the puppy school - no idea. Is perhaps abhänig also from puppy school. Just call one and ask for.

• How long does a puppy lesson: different between 1 and 2 hours. Also comes on it will be made on what and how old the pups. But usually 1 hour.

• How much does a puppy lesson: that's very different. I know that because you pay € 2, - other back € 10, - shall be at the next one will be a club member and pay an annual fee, but not for the puppy school.

You should always call with a few dogs schools and you also view that, since not all are good.

Eighth especially that the puppy group is small - best 5-6 puppies. If there are more puppies and 2 Trainer is also ok. But 10-12 puppy or more and only one coach -the brings nothing.

Question of what is being done all there (if for example Stadtlauf, Nachtspaziergang etv.).

Let you easily explain everything and then decide.

In a good puppy hour the puppies should not only play. between playing should always ml give a short training phase, where they learn different things from getting until veterinarian.

I was with my rude from 8 week in puppies hour. children there were there but with the parents.

Our puppies hour has then lasted 1-1.5 hours, in hot weather it was just time for half an hour. For me, the school cost as € 8-10 but is dog school Hundeschule different.

With about 4 months I made the first Grundgehorsankeitskurs with my dogs. Sit, down, here and foot. At 6 months it was in the Second, since everything came without Leinenund standing came about.

Then I got it changed Dog School. In many Weloen allowed until about 6 months into the puppy hour, but usually depends on the puppy character and should not only be decided after the old.

I'm still in the dog school and paying per month € 41. I always go on Saturdays with the dog school walk in ner group and do exercises there. I also visited seminars or other gimmicks like Crossdogging.

Ask most nach.Die in a dog school prices are different everywhere.

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