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hey, my ruede refuses to retrieve and respected toy anyway not much, our dog retrieves and runs always kuscheltier at stock after yesterday in the dog school is extremely noticed also the trainer, and thought that there are breeds so .. the character: loving, cuddly something scary, friendly, open after a short time, seehr focused and eager to learn. unfortunately can not Append picture ._. 65 cm shoulder, weighs about 45 kilos, has light brown-dark brown fur with white legs. the face is half white half beige .. has one blue and one green eye and has dark brown protruding ears since stuck I think few races there. breeds which there is myself not fetch and look like? unfortunately can not picture Append ..

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The breed is sausage. There are just dogs that do not make it.

My dog ​​has a 2 year-hand until he started his ball and bringing his dummy.

My dog ​​has done it since puppyhood. except it does not feel like one sees correctly that it shows the stinkefinger ..

You can do it even with NEM dummy try, but what needs to bring things a dog when he may have other things for

Maybe your dog the shower you want to dedicate to him and also "work" have? throw objects and wait it would be brings back then not for example.

The dog is my partner this year and 8 would fetch racially conditioned. but he does not. The well had gradually given away already as a puppy does not feel like it and his toys were because he had no interest in the things.

Six months ago, I bought him a stuffed animal because it evenings always sucking on his blanket and I thought maybe he feel like something made of fabric, where it can also suck on it.

After about 5 minutes and angestupse rumgewusel my part he found the stuffed animal then great. Now he has almost daily (actually every evening between 22-24 o'clock), a phase in which he wants to play! He had never, and I live for 4 years now with the two together ...

He grabs then be stuffed animal, raises the self through the area, running behind, jumps on it, shakes it around etc ... if I do not it will respond and make it eventually turns to me and asks me to with noise or barking to do with. I play it right gets physical, because he is a big dog. I lie then on the floor, squat before him, pushing him away, pulling him to me, let him jump. The full program and until such time as he himself has no desire (5-15 minutes) and placed in his bed.

Retrieving the way he does not still, no chance. He really wants the I am working with him and also this "work".

The dog of my parents has also rarely apportiert and hardly played. Then I always have training course built as a child of furniture where he had to crawl under it, run over it / jump or biscuits hiding he had to look. He was really great!

This is not directly on the race but the character and of the past.

My previously knew quite simply not a toy and has only met with us, but they play with it even if it times really wants it, and then usually not long.

Retrieving it does even in the apartment. Outside only if they are to animate like hours.
There were times 1-2 months because it has the outside also made super. What helped us, they constantly feed from the Preydummy and to use this to Apport. So we also can satisfy their hunting instinct. Currently it has in months not feel like it, since she was seriously ill and we had to stop the training. = (So let's start all over again.

But you can do other exercises / training / games with the dog also easy if he does not enjoy it. Me would finally never to get fun on Monopoly to have =). So everyone has their quirks.

To you still to name races. Nordic breeds are there usually stubborn. Czech Slovak wolfhounds etc. are rarely gets to something like I heard.

We have a hybrid of the street. Presumably Podenco Corgy Terrier Mix.

I do not know what you are "eager to learn" mean by! But I guess now time that he was "in cooperation" is interested with you.

If so, the trainer but would be able to teach different ways of retrieving is. If necessary, times book a single hour, so that they can fully concentrate on you. In a group training can be complicated.

This is not necessarily at the race. Give it a whirl with a food bag. The description is not enough. A photo would have been there really better.

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