dog return due to lack of vaccination

Hi, I have to separate myself from my last bitch professional reasons, because I will not meet her. When the girl arrived yesterday we made a contract where I deny the return. She took the little velvet animal shelter ID card. This morning she wrote to me that you are allergic react friend to them and want to give them back. Thereupon she said she cares about a new place. A little later she wrote that she at the shelter War and a return right would therefore have the vaccination certificate is not complete. But they had previously looked at when she picked the little me has said and nix it. Now she threatens me if I do not take them back with a lawyer, but admitted me another alternative an they the small brings me back and I give her of the purchase price from 0.75% money back. These would then only € 1.50 for it. Now I do not know if I will include them again if that's ok and not that they then she says has devoted himself and said 75% of the purchase price is for now legally binding? Hope you can ahead of me to help Thanks in

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There you will not do so to the vaccination she seeks only one reason to the little back to get rid of. Because we signed contracts that I do not take them back. Yesterday she even said that even has a dog and her friend but a friend did not react on it now. That's funny they would because that by the lawyer?

Definitely I would find another family for them, so this is not. I want to have it's also about so they indeed 0.75% from the price again if that is legally not then she says said 75% but surely that is a written agreement or? Finally, she had written to me about WhatsApp

Unfortunately is probably because the dog. You should email the animal a favor, and take him back. Such owner deserves not an animal. You'll sure another buyer

Zahle her halt vaccination, my God the poor animal!

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