Dog rips chicken outside the property

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Today we had afternoon the incident that our dog has torn a chicken. The chicken was outside the fenced in the middle of the forest road and we saw it too late. Dog quickly ...

We are directly at the house, unfortunately, no one was there. Knows jmd from the law? The damage we replaced of course, but I would be interested now, who is actually "blame" is.

Lg and beautiful Restsonnag.

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A question of guilt is not found in such situations. The holder shall be liable for the animal in accordance with § 833 p.1 BGB without fault:

"If an animal a person is killed or injured, the body or health of a person or a thing damaged, so is he who keeps the animal, obliged to compensate the injured party for any damage arising therefrom." Http:// /gesetze/BGB/833.html

The guilt or liability obligation is first time with you. Under certain circumstances, and very hypothetical one could even talk about a possible partial debt of chickens holder - but this is more an academic question, as they would in practice of significance.

gone stupid .... sorry for the chicken, but these things happen, after all, a dog is a predator and when the temptation is now so great .... ;-)

Were there any witnesses? I hope not. Today, a dog is a danger dog runs fast .....

clearly you replace the damage ....

Chickens come incidentally by other animals such as martens or raptors to ....

I would soon be time to make a little chicken habituation or anti hunting training .... not that he has acquired a taste. is called the SelbstBARF then? ;-)

Before my fingers stress machs the owner nen 10er in the hand and good.

The question of guilt here does not arise. Due to the strict liability 833 BGB) of dog owners is obliged to pay damages.

Can not legally vote, but in my opinion has the dog "blame". He may / may not simply what fails, what goes around outside. If yes, a cat, or can be. If the "damage" also pay - is a nice touch.

You as the owner are to blame. If your dog kills animals and is not available it remains on a leash.

You as a dog owner, your dog has torn the chicken which should not have happened. Number is the damage and good.

Was your dog on a leash?

Had the chicken Your dog killed the chicken holder. ;-)

Of course it's your fault.

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