Dog "roars" like a moose in your sleep ?!

Hey guys, I've noticed for some time that my dog ​​(some data; Fr. Bully, breathing freely, 2 years, female, Fitt as a fiddle) in his sleep "roars (?)" Like a moose. The muzzle is also and the noise goes few seconds, then is quiet and she is sleeping on further. This is sometimes so loud that I even sit like a one in bed. : D (On the Internet I find nothing about this ..) someone knows of your dogs and / or does anyone know what it is? On the day it is quite normal ..

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The can of regular snoring on ne neck Dent ignition, cancer, Trachiaklkkollaps or just the "usual" Franzebullyprobleme be anything. From the TA. Something can to Ersticvkung, zumiondest but lead to heart problems in the long term

Fr. Bully, breathing freely

Your dog has it investigated, also investigated the soft palate? According to your description could well be a respiratory problem!

what is breathing freely ?. If your dog this would be it would make no noise. A longer nose does not make a free-breathing dog. This is always provided. This noise can for example by the the throat, the nostrils, the trachea is too tight to come. as an excessively long soft palate may cause these noises.

breathing freely, 2 years, female, Fitt as a fiddle

... And why I can not believe it really?

Is there perhaps soon a soft palate operation due? To age your dog it would fit ...

Are there deformities Racken or trachea?

This snoring charged the cardiopulmonary circulation extremely ...

Please look for you a competent veterinarian and let the dog investigate very closely ...

Sry ..... my dog ​​snores very loudly

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