Dog run with 12?

Hello !! I wanted to ask you whether you (am soon 13) with 12 years may run a dog? I wnat to earn my pocket money ... I have much experience with dogs, as we ourselves have.

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Clearly you can do that! But you have to remember that every dog ​​is different. Many freak out as when they see other dogs, or they chase after anything here (birds, cyclists, joggers). In addition, the dog should not be too large, so that you can keep it even if it is something. Good luck!!

From 13 years you may run small dogs ( http: // ... ).

However, you are then not insured under certain circumstances. Some insurance the handler at least 14 must be even 16 years old in others.

I, and probably many other dog owners also would, my dogs tell anyone young girl. Sorry!

Hey smiley1922,

You can do that safely. I would recommend you to take a dog,

which is not too big, so you can keep him.

Greeting Inkonvertibel

Of course this is at the discretion of the owner, but in principle I think yes .. At least I seem to recall that my grandmother used to say to me that children are allowed from 12 years have NEN own dog, which go walkies yes logically would include: )

The question can not be answered generally.

You are not capable of the physical strength, for example, to perform a full-blown, large dog. Furthermore, there would also be taken into account what the insurance of the dog owner says. Last but not least are the country's dog laws also still an issue. Although bears no explicit age limit.

Small to medium sized dogs, I think so :)

I mean that You can the. However, it should not be a dangerous dog!

Sure, if it does not degenerate. Why not?

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