Dog runs barking at other dogs or people. What training to sluggish leash?

My dog, terrier mix, 1 year. Hear otherwise Super when it is off and no one is nearby. So he comes right at the first call and so on. Has actually afraid of strangers, especially in front of men. but be recently is the problem if it is on a leash, he runs off immediately to other people and dogs when he sees that no matter how far away they are. So I got him now at the trailing leash. I now need instructions for training with the towing rope. How can I train. So what how take him on a leash so he can not go-out brings me absolutely nothing. This allows not solve the problem. I need specific training methods.

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#### How can I train. So what how take him on a leash so he can not go-out brings me absolutely nothing. #### But this is precisely the meaning of the towline, nevertheless the dog enjoys freewheeling only just checked. It is important that you have the towline also in hand to prevent racing potential outbreaks or possible way. That is already times good, the environment is your dog Available in distraction-free. Thus he has ever internalized. Now, of course, is important to know why is your dog afraid of strangers? Men in particular? How gets in your eyes, the fear felt? How long did it? And how responsive your dog when he goes to foreign or out to the dogs? Will he be welcomed? How is his body language?

We have it from the beginning. So get with 2 months. Since he was already anxious but not as extreme as now. Why is it now so I can not say. There has never been situations in which I would say that is the trigger. All he has not seen in the first two weeks before he was afraid. After much training he can be to someone new to get used but it need time. Well that's not the issue. So he runs stop barking back and I would almost say it represents the people. In dogs, it is more enjoyable. His approach to people but he never ran remains Do five to six meters and when people talk to him then he is scared and runs away from them. When are they to me he does not even come to me because he's afraid. If the further away then it comes to me immediately. So he is not ill-mannered the only problem he runs with other people and I want to get away before it can run without a leash again As I said need of training techniques.

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