Dog runs behind before land Jogger - Display + possible removal of the dog by the police?

Hello my dears. We live outside in a wooded area and in front of our - stand alone! - House passes a very popular forest trail. by this way include about 20m us, but they are marked or otherwise not as Private. our property is completely fenced to a height of 2m, as we have several dogs and have already complained a lot because they cross-country skiing and bark from inside the fence. There are herding dogs, but no danger comes from them! Just now I was outside of the property and had the door left open, because I just wanted to bring away the garbage. one of our dog (12 years) has come out with, another was just outside the gate and had everything under control. at the moment a jogger came that if it passes every time to our land, the dog yells and yells because she is afraid of them and think, it would be beasts. our old dog is her gone to meet some, whereupon she started hysterically scream and run back again. Then the other dog is with came out and run after her because he thought it would be a game (he is not quite 2 and a herding / Windhundmix) are instead to stay, so I can catch him, it is further running and who shouted weitherhin , among others, to her husband, who ran a good distance behind her, already screaming from afar also started. I have both noted, they want to please stop short, so I can capture the dog completely out of the small house on so of course, was a great game. However, I was insulted only by them and the man told me that I would have our "beasts" and "perilous monsters" in the hand and have locked up. now the woman had already run screaming continued. I have the man made it clear that the play in front of our land seie Private and, if he has a problem with our dogs, else should run long. then I was further insulted and he said we should drag kindly somewhere and he would contact police, veterinary and community because of our beasts. our young dog had since joined already to me, since he obviously had no pleasure at the screaming woman. I locked up the dogs again, whereupon they are running at the end of the land to where the two who stayed are yelling and scolding alarm there, continue to bark.

Now my question to this novel: Can we let our dogs away and possibly be even euthanize? I have a witness who can prove that the dog did nothing because he worked at the time of the action on the outside of the house and everything has noticed.

Danke schon mal for the perusal and your answers

The best answer

Can let us take our dogs and possibly be even euthanize?

Short and concise answer: NO !!! - Such freewheeling people can not get readily that you removed the dog and / or the animals are euthanized.

I advise you to the Private properly signposted with a useful "at your own risk"

This protects you not infinite - but Schandmäuler be characterized somewhat reined in ...

All the best for you and the dog - and always remember: keep nerves !!!

Hello, you need have no fear that only thing that can happen is that you a letter from the clerk's office receives a warning because of the free-running dog, has bedrengt a person outside of the property. I would not engage in talks with such people. When it comes to the crunch they raise a complaint against the woman because she willfully incites the dogs when they run always yells at the past. Such people have no sense talking. catch, turn around and go dog. Not react. The dog is not dangerous and usually not yet been noticed. up sign with privately away and beware of the dogs so that they are on the safe side and on such stupid comments like "move they should" not engage. These people are so dissatisfied with their lives, because nothing helps. Put this energy a dear for a good education of dogs. lg loci

Can let us take our dogs and possibly be even euthanize?

Why should a dog be put down (!!), just because he is outside of your plot and barked? The question can hardly be taken seriously.

In the worst case here could be an offense, because the dogs were not leashed. But nothing more.

I have the man made it clear that the play in front of our land seie Private and, if he has a problem with our dogs, else should run long.

Even if it is private, you need to take care the dogs, especially since the path is not designated as Private.

As pet owners you will be bound to the strict liability. So with an incident, it is not on the principle of fault.

If this jogger pair indicates to you now, the clerk's office must intervene. In most communities Dogs must be on a leash outside the land. This would yield an administrative fine and a warning.

Since it has not come to an injury, nothing will happen next. unless they were already relevant incidents known.

When the strip is your property from your house, you have the even mark. So it is of public reason you just can also enter for all other people.

We live outside in a wooded area and in front of our - stand alone! - House passes a very popular forest trail.

Anyone can walk into the woods. Since there is a commission of law. And forests are basically someone, usually farmers usn. The also important to know.

Unless prolapse (solid waste in the forest ...) you will be able to them prohibit difficult to use the forest.

and many have already complained because they cross-country skiing and bark from inside the fence.

Rightly! Such behavior should not evince a well behaved dog.

I would talk almost jumped off the sidewalk into the street, because there in the night suddenly a black dog came rushing been and barked at me. What do you think would have been going on, if there is a car would come over?

There are herding dogs, but no danger comes from them!

First: You can train for fighting dog, if you want any dog.

Secondly: Someone who is not familiar with dogs, can not judge how dangerous a race.

because she is afraid of them

Yes, there are people who are afraid of dogs. People who show fear regarding dogs have often had bad experiences. Have bitten or similar ... A dog barking then running towards a ... nightmare pure for this person!

Crying is of course an overreaction, but maybe this woman has done earlier experiences with your barking dogs and tries to keep on this way from the body?

Rather than stop, so I can catch him

Why should the jogger to stop, so you can catch the dog?

I would have our "beasts" and "perilous monsters" in the hand and have locked up.

"Under control" If I agree. That you had to.

Can let us take our dogs and possibly be even euthanize?

No, that would be too high. A fine is the highest, if anything comes.

I have a witness who can prove that the dog did nothing

It is not a question that the dogs have done nothing. The point is that others may feel threatened by your dogs.

In dogs, the strict liability applies. To put it in simplistic words, if what happens basically get once the dog blame.

This does not mean that you should the dog locked up. Just make sure that it is outside the fenced land not bark at people and not to run on. You never know the experiences of those people with dogs or if they get scared and then simply stumble over a root.

No, nobody can. There is also nothing happened. If one of your dogs the jogger incurred (or killed), he would have been euthanized if necessary.

In your plot the dogs may bark, they're guard dogs, and all the passers-by who may use your private road, are indeed safely through the fence. is the gateway to the dogs barking times yes.

Perhaps you provides a shield to "watchdogs" or "barking dogs", then everybody knows, with what he has to expect.

Surely that depends but from something from the State and the dog regulations. Here a dog was euthanized times who had killed a woman. And it was shot a r from the police. that would be so possible. But the screaming lady would call the police ....

No, the dogs have done nothing. Do not worry. But describe your path as a private road from the best with the marking 'Warning Dog "

If I have learned one thing in recent years, then squint in such cases ... A bake and see what really happened. Most of these people have in fact just a big mouth and do nothing.

In your case, nothing happened. Perhaps the clerk's office of your plot looks at when really should call them. But they will also be asked if the dog has he done something, say caught, bitten. And if that is denied, then the average officer makes rather a tasty coffee and musing upon the coming weekend than to sit down at the Shiiiietwetter the car and actually take action. The police have completely different problems and chronic staff shortages. The veterinarian will be happy that your dogs get as much speed and they are in the open air, but does not feel as responsible to ... etc etc..

I think I would eventually put me on the road and mitgekreischt wild. Really hysterical bounce with the county. Would have times a measure if reasonable approaches from the opposite the germ be stifled. Against wild shrieks may indeed not have what and perhaps these two Kreischberg aunts would then have felt understood. One does not know ;))

Definitely a nice story! Be calm and not think about it!

Hello Fani95,

One day happened to me the following:

With Dux, which Gerde only a 9-week-old puppy was (!) I walked a path down to a meadow and floodplain, towards me came a woman with a black, medium-sized dog. Dux ran freely without a leash.

The woman raced at the sight of their dog and leinte this on. The small Dux joyfully sought to bitch about than this dog keeper suddenly began yelling shrilly, like this as if it were tapped

I froze the blood in the veins of fright, so I can feel my describing given the totally insane behavior of this woman. Your bitch remained completely calm.

The puppy Dux froze and did not leave until further no more step.

When I was able to reassure the woman I had then with this conversation. She was terrified of dogs and their dog could bite another dog

And no! For irrational behavior of other people and their fears and phobias no dog owner is responsible or liable even!

It is important that you affable and reliable dogs.

Of course, it goes without saying that one closes its Hoftüre when strangers happen there again.

Who guard dogs have it, do not wander around freely at Verantwortungsbewusssein on the territory. it was the they had to secure a herd. The same applies when herding dogs and even tits and other small dogs.

But ads can only be hard if the dog would have caused damage. For phobias of mankind can not euthanize apply a einziegn dog you.

Next time your dog indoors inside your Grezen, the door closed and you press said lady a flyer of a therapeutic device for eliminating Umwelthobien (also afraid of dogs) in the hand ....

For this you speak the lady kindly and ask for it please the dogs absolutely in their presence to ignore.

In the future, "you grant a dogs" when such joggers should come at fixed times of the day over. You do not wont let any handling his dogs. Especially when it is detrimental to the dogs.

No panic. As long as no one was hurt, but everything is good. Since at least someone must have been bitten before any switches on an authority. And even then, so animals are not just put to sleep.

@ Fani95

Well you are the holder and have to ensure that that does not just get to and chase joggers.

since we have several dogs and have already complained a lot because they cross-country skiing and bark from inside the fence

The people may not know whether the now want to "just play". If several have already complained, then can already report one or two times.

You can modify the yet by you make yourselves at times clever or coach brings, showing you how to train the dogs so that no people pass the outside or jogging, constantly bark at and behind race.

The effort the trouble might be worth it, then everyone is happy. You know that you Sheepdogs have and how to respond when people run.

So apart from the fact that is the formatting to read plain text, you should make sure that your dog the land without you and can leave off the lead.

When they bark when someone passes on Grounds is maximum disturbance. No reason that anyone takes the dog.

If it leaves, however, the plot, a danger to persons and / or the road may be. That you should avoid.

Perhaps you might, depending on the frequency and severity of such incidents accuse you not be able to lead are a dog, then you could take you to / the dog / s.

MfG Capone87er

since neither a shield is that it is private land, this jogger Könen not know. ichb would as quickly as a sign up, otherwise actually might be a display kommmen. it Istv care whether the woman is afraid or not. and your dog were to jetzzt peaceful. could extend auchb differently

I do not think that you the dog be taken away because of that.

On the other hand, I find that dog owners should generally raise their dogs so that they do not bark at other people when they long run only on land. And dogs should always obey, if allowed to run without a leash.
There just a lot of people who are afraid of dogs, and should respect dog owners. It can not be that people is demanded with a fear of dogs, not to go into the woods or to take detours.

First you should sign "Private ..." up!

You know Fani95: As a dog owner you are literally a magnet for Batty ...

I am even a dog went on my land, just as I came out the door with my dog. Mine was still young and on a leash. The other was free and right at us. A small "Hackenhupe" ...

I asked to recall, as the failure to, I threw the little one Rüttlerdose front, after which he returned. The reaction of the dog owner you would have to experience! The woman screamed like a stuck pig, I should not throw their dog and the man threatened police and ad and what I do not know anything ... ^^

This is all happening on my private property, the two did not matter ...

Since I have a dog, I respect scrupulously sure to abide by the applicable rules for dog owners. This is sometimes quite cumbersome ... ^^ But if one falls down with dog at the wrong person, you have a lot of trouble ...

So View to to tie your dog to you very strongly, so that you can already possible fix them on demand on the spot!

Train with the younger impulse control, which pays for the dog! And nearly two years to start is a good age so!

And no: Due to the described by you safe situation threatens not euthanasia!

As I understood the 20 meters of the way with your property ..? therefore belongs to the property. When something intolleranten I would grant banned. If necessary, put up a sign. As you enter your land and they pose no danger, I do not believe that a lot can happen / is. If necessary, someone comes over to make sure of the "danger" but should dannach be on your side.

"There are herding dogs, but no danger of them going out!"

Komische statement sorry! What does that have to do with herding dogs. Why no danger Weil Sheepdogs are ?!

Sorry but I think you should get that under control, that your Fellnasen just not bark at people and from the plot to run after. There are people who are frightened or scared.

I pick times following sentence from your statement out:

There are herding dogs, but no danger comes from them!

How do you get a dog keeper (You're only 19 years young, as I have removed your profile) to this false opinion)?

Each / r dog psychologist / is -psychologin you say that a dog "an animal" and in each animal are an unpredictable or even "a radical ferocity"!

Apart from a dog must be held so that it bothered other people NOT or endangers.

By this you can not keep yourself!

A private property must be marked or fenced, otherwise it is accessible to everyone.

Apparently you do not have your dog under control; they may run after no one and put in fear! Finally, it is known that untrained dogs can bite (and more!).

My advice:

Check with your dogs a dog school to such a behavior unerzogenes what danger signals (and can be!) Store!

Best wishes!

We live outside in a wooded area and in front of our - stand alone! - House passes a very popular forest trail. by this way include about 20m us

Are you now what better? It so happens that is over ...

Of course they can not kill you why your dog or removed. if you were running after her and she would get panic would you also not to be put down.

As long as nothing can happen, concretely happen, so the dog tackle someone, nothing happens.

And between each joggers and your dogs is a fence, also high enough, nothing can happen and therefore nothing will happen.

And the guy? Let the quiet contact police, veterinary or even NATO. The police do nothing of the Veterinary and NATO also can not get the bomb.

And if that's your private road, then I advise just once to a sign at the beginning of this path.

Private road, no trespassing!

Large enough that it looks everyone.

From Zeipunkt both überkandidelten squallers have nothing lost it and is good.

And then, how about a tit for tat? Then you keif rum that the private road is, You grant them banned, entering prohibited and should they come again, you call the police! If you can not talk to people, and one is right is only one solution, fully dawedder, as they say in some areas. Attack is the best defense.

have already complained a lot because they cross-country skiing and bark from inside the fence. [...] Dog is something you come to meet [...] you run after the ... completely from the little house on so of course, was a great game. ... What they are running at the end of the land to where the two ... continue to bark.

Why do not you start simply to educate your dog? Those who can not deal responsibly with dogs, no should hold.

It's people like you who damage the reputation of dog owners sustainably.

The dogs are you certainly not taken away or even euthanized. But that Twofer trouble is probably not excluded - in any case it would be appropriate. Hopefully this is just for you reason enough to think about your wrongdoing and to reflect finally.

Hello, NO, no one will take away the dogs you let alone something else! You have done nothing! Had they attacked and bitten someone, then and only then already saw a different story! So, chin up! The two are also possibly get by the police to hear anything else and as you write already. Let them somewhere else running here!

I join Yarlung, you should send your dog from such dealings protect :-D.

A little more care and education is also not bad. Your dogs will not do anything.

Your dog will not be taken away and not put to sleep.

Even if on your land someone being attacked by dogs or come by the dogs injured, you were for it to be held liable.

It is outrageous how you like most here. People have - rightly or not - for fear of dogs.

If you had the animals under control, they would not run after, or would have been available.

By the way, I think even dogs ....

Oh, let the yelling continued, do not care about you. Your dogs and you will happen because absolutely nothing has happened nothing.

Sure, your dog should respond to call, you really should work. Otherwise, not much will come, you have a witness ready.

I have here a "Hackenhupe" (stern look for bags child!), Which is so small that it is not taken seriously. And yet I had trouble in the house because the Russians my grandchildren each according to need to run away screaming, even if the child is on the arm. Angel One is anyway always in the house and on the property. Children must not run away because the dog does not come near her.

And yet the children scream (which are no longer small) as stupid, even when they see the little girl.

The course is now so it that it returns "yelling" and that's why they wanted to me turning a rope. Could one not just because nothing happens. Stay therefore left, not much will come.

Sad that you have to catch the dogs.

Maybe even a little practice callback.

The stupid people can not do much. They would indeed only have to let the sickening screams' No your dogs, you can not take away. You have not even bitten. Then your path Fences anti .Musst leave the check times. Every normal person knows that you just have to stay standing. As would also be my Spitz dachshund walked behind her.

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