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The following case: our tenants have called because of the neighbor's dog barks sharply in recent weeks. You have a log out (4:00 am 2 hours Sunday from 6:00 etc.), so it is clear where should prevail calm at times, especially it's not an isolated bay. You have it people have mentioned it, but he says he knows nothing of what is but because he is while at work (shifts). Now they have asked me time to talk to him and I drive later times past. In order not to be wholly unprepared, and because I have dogs relatively little idea, my question: what possibilities there are to wean a dog something? The background is that he probably feels lonely because he always begins when the neighbor is in the work.

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to let one's own dog during working hours in the apartment alone, especially when the dog then barks constantly, is a NO GO.

The dog owner is responsible for ensuring that the other tenants do not have to feel disturbed.

A simple solution would be that the dog owner will accommodate his dog during his working time in a dog daycare. Thus the dog would certainly be more helpful than spending hours having to endure in the apartment.

It is also possible for the dog to train in that he does not bark up. Since the dog owner does not seem to be capable, he would be well advised to seek professional help.

If you are the owner, you could consider to terminate the lease.



Hi, can you wean him not when no one is at home. Type a dog sitter has to obtain or otherwise view this not be alone dog stays. Problem is that the dog responds to the Alone Let and quite rightly. Can it perhaps bring Addresses of dog caregivers if you understand each other well. Other way I do not see there, you can not make as much as, if people keep egoisitsicherweise a dog, although they do not have time. Then you can write only the first warning and send by registered mail to him, with the condition no longer barks the dog or just may bark at certain times as a landlord actually. And if he does not adhere to it, stop unfortunately also protect other tenants, and send the notice.

This has mostly to do with the education of the dog. Unternimm more with the dog. Best since these Denkspiele- and tasks that make most animals really like. Condition is what he probably needs most. If he starts with the yapping just go to him and try to calm him down when he stops a treat as a reward (as he characterizes the a). If he does not want to stop, I try to push away (only slightly) if he continues barking still, then, not very long 2 sec about, look into the eyes (right). That would help that. I hope I can / could help


what possibilities there are to wean a dog something?

Then you should go to a dog trainer who can do this.

tundenlanges barking must not accept it.

The dog owner should quickly act, or find a solution.

This is not easy ...

Why does this tenant the dog alone in the apartment ??? Presumably, the dog's not used to ...

Yes, you could try the dog barking, the wean - to one would but learn very intensively with the animal alone to stay ...

Perhaps there is another solution to the problem: the dog needs a dog sitter or a place in Huta = dog daycare

And with a lot of good will may perhaps be found a childcare service for the dog in the neighborhood ...

Just this bad habit can wean shear. Rütter ask!

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