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My sister (9) and I (12) were on our future dog to visit the Huundeschule. Our mother would the first couple of times, and in between there and of course exposed again, but it is actually allowed the children to go with the dog alone in the dog school?

Lg. And thank you for your answers in advance, Lena

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Depends on the dog school. In those where I have been, were also partly only the children with the dog. So is already possible =)

I know the initial euphoria of little girls. initially everything is great and new and exciting, until the daily asserts itself ... if your mother is sovereign, is familiar with dogs, it would be no problem to send you alone to dog school, in every weather I would .... treat you, if you think through and so to the dog care you as he needs it, but you should rather from the outset your parents involve, as they "save" in the serious case of the dog, either way ...

This is due to the dog school - but I would only "allow" it if the dog already has a good basic education and the "ranking" in the family understands ... Otherwise hears the dog eventually only on you and ignore your parents!

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