Dog scored syringe ... side effects ?!

Today my chihuahua bitch got her 2 vaccination and was gechipt..schön and good but now she trembles as she would freeze (have a feeling reinforced on the side where it was seeded vlt even imagination) I have to be worried or are the harmless side effects? Thanks in advance

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do not worry - this is a perfectly normal reaction to vaccination. Tomorrow should be all right again. It may also be that she still gets a "Impfbeule" which sometimes is sensitive to touch - but even that goes away all by itself.

Stuffed the little one - even ailing dogs need a little encouragement.

Get well


do not worry .... many dogs tremble after Inoculate ... some also get fever .... sleep a lot or do not eat. The next day is better. Cuddle your Hundi and fondle him a little .... he likes determined now to make .... Lg

Vaccination is already fierce. My Chi is 12 and is also on the vaccination day a little flat, just when rabies is with vaccinated.

Did she at the injection site and a bump or touch sensitivity?

Morning is better again. Just be there without undue betüddeln.

It is just still in shock

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