Dog scratched car door from the inside

Hi, does anyone have an idea what you can do before the interior lining of the back seat door. Our dog likes to put on the arm to look out. He scratched so slowly increasing the armrest.

The best answer

I know the problem. Since only a transport or transport helps in the trunk. My beforehand also destroys everything in disguise. Since they mitfährt in the trunk (decision much since I bought a new car, because I wanted those damages not directly in it have), it is also much more dignified and jumping nowhere more highly.

Was initially also against it, but it's actually better this way. (Insofar as you drive any limousine, in which the trunk is completely dark and closed)

Or are you doing the belt just shorter, so that it no longer depends on the trim off.

Either the dog trainierin he has to look up there nothing, or you pack the dog in the trunk if it is suitable or buy yourself a dog crate.

Why do you bind not sisal or cloth around the arm?

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