Dog scratches his nose ?!

Hey :) My dog ​​(chihuahua 1 year old) scratching her for about 1 1/2 weeks at the upper lip I've already looked after but I find nothing there no killing no swollen spot and also to the teeth I find nothing !! I have until Monday a artzt schedule but I can not wait so long what's wrong with him? :(

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I have until Monday a artzt schedule but I can not wait so long what's wrong with him?

what your dog is missing, no one can say here. And you also do not have to wait until Monatg, with something you go without making an appointment to the vet. Dates are usually accounts only for complex tests, X, OP's, etc .... Can and therefore should directly go to the vet tomorrow!

Please go to the vet, maybe a mushroom.

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