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I have a dog in the meantime would be around 7 years old already that. When my mum he could always sleep in bed with her ... because she is but died, I have now taken the dog. The problem is, the evening gets my friend by the dog bad air, why ih will accustom her to sleep alone in the living room. But always when I leave the room she scratches at the door and whine .. no matter how many times I also try to make quiet ... if I ignore it in the hope it stops, but this is not the case. Have you perhaps tips?

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First my condolences to your dead mother. I wish you and your family a lot of strength. So to your problem, it is of course unfortunate that your friend in his sleep is having trouble breathing otherwise they could even sleep with you in the room.

But even a 7 year old dog can learn something and you can re-educate him. Has your dog general problems when she's alone? Or you leave the room? If so, I would very carefully practice being alone. Also during the practice from time to time. Start you can so after a long walk, when she is tired after that and always seeks out their assigned place of rest. Then you leave the room and close times the doors. Is it good and makes no theater, praise back immediately and confirm for their behavior. Then you increase you time when you leave the room. Always piece by piece. She remembers you come again and again. When min times 20-30 can spend in another room without whining. Then you can again increase somewhat, which leave her apartment. Time for the garbage, or a transition to the post box.

Maintenance very gently. When you realize the next step she whines again, rather take a step back. Good luck with your practice.

This will not now be on. The dog was used to 7 years, to have the connection pack, which is also really good for the animal. Now take away at once the lollipop again and shut out the animal is unacceptable.

Try to leave the door open and rauszuschicken the dog always friendly. No punishment! If you do aussperrst, is the exclusion from the pack, which in nature often does result in death, accordingly, most dogs are afraid. Accordingly, it is also the best for the animal when it sleeps with the bedroom because it's natural to sleep when Rudel.

Here helps only consistent training over several weeks, months. You can watch there possibly get a dog trainer to the you can help as safe or you even show another alternative.

Otherwise, you could also work on the health problem of your friend. In my beginning had problems with dogs in our dog but fortunately very little. Meanwhile, he has no more problems, but only since they may also sleep in the bedroom.

You solltes, even before you go to bed himself, the dog in the living room but not assign his sleeping place him exclude therefore the door (ver) close. Whenever he arrives quietly but firmly again send him back to his seat / bring. This may take a while until he has figured that and only rarely comes to see if everything is okay. Then you tell him to go all right can again. Mine is then trotted back always to his sleeping place and slept again after a few minutes. Consistently and calmly deal with it.

You could try and leave the door ajar with a place to sleep near your bedroom door. There create a spot from which the dog has made a good overview and it connects with positives. For example, you can him at the place exclusively treat type, etc ..

Dogs want nich sleep tallein. Dogs are Contact sleeper, just want to at night and need to close the "pack", their Sozialpartner.Das gives them Sichrheit. The dog will not stop until he has resigned, then you've got a dog case, without a dog in there.

If it really is so extreme, you should emit in good hands, where he must live with his people the dog. Dogs always want to be in the social group with their people. It would not be good for the dog when it is not likely. Moreover, I think, would your friend have breathing difficulties when the dog was sleeping in the living room, since all floating around fur hair of the fur nose. Then your friend, there is really no longer enter the living room. The best of all would be really to find someone Zuverlässgen who is willing to take the Fellnase with him, where he can be part of the social association.

Give her time. What is it when you first her körbchen Besides the bed ask for the start and hang her your hand down leaves so she knows that she is not alone? With the time further and further away, until then sleeps in peace and without stress in the living room. Such things can not be forced. It takes patience

Yes give the dog into good hands from!

Dogs are social animals, they want to sleep with their family members, they want to participate in life, nothing other people what we also want.

So to set up the dog a place to sleep in his bedroom one, so he can be there, then he will not whine or scratching at the door.

If this is impossible because your friend gets bad air, so you should consider whether it would be better for the dog to live with people who want to have him with you!

Of course you should see the door to the living room open and cross reference the dog coming back to his sleeping place.

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