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Hello you. We have a 9 month old Bernese Mountain dog males. Since yesterday he's bad, he is running slow, gentle always alternating legs and is verkuschelt unusual, does not run as usual like crazy gardening rum .. Yesterday afternoon we were now at the vet, which in the investigation has nothing further found out that he had an elevated temperature .. This was 39.5 degrees. then, the Doc has given him an anti-inflammatory, a fever reducer and injected a mild pain reliever. In the evening we went to him again almost really good, since this morning but worse again. On Monday we will definitely go again, but the vet told us to wait and see .. Wrack us the head of what may come ... We think of anything. He also seems sometimes more, sometimes less painful when lying down / up to have and when he with his snout where ran comes, he sometimes whines on. you Blanked but then on, nothing. I know there is no substitute for TA but maybe someone of you has a tip, what you could do or so knows something like .. Greetings ..

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the measured temperature of 39.5 is not particularly worrying in a dog, but "almost" still normal.

It is always terribly difficult to provide remote diagnostics for disease symptoms - is similar to the famous look into the crystal. Do not be so unsettling: if you were at the vet and this meant, you should once the thing observed - then you should make her. Not all veterinarians - probably the least of all - are bunglers and do not know what they are doing.

That it was better the dog after the administration of a joke breastfeeding and fiebersenkendem means is clear.

In the enumerated symptoms occurred to me whether your dog maybe is still in the dentition. Okay that was supposed to in the 7th - 8th month to be fully completed, but can sometimes take longer.

  • e nhanced temperature up to fever
  • Toothache, or a tenderness at the muzzle
  • Listlessness and his crotchety
  • Kuschelbedüfnis because he realizes that there are so badly off

are also in the change of teeth - the corresponding symptoms and especially the molars (the back last molars).

If the fever is not increasing rapidly - then I would trust my vet and actual wait times. In case of deterioration of the condition you can still go in a veterinary clinic.

Get well for your dog


Elevated temperature indicates probably an infection. As the vet comes to inflammation? What has the TA because injected anti-inflammatory? Approximately Kortisonhaltig?

Immediate and still seek another veterinary practice, better a renowned veterinary clinic. Let your dog take blood, great blood search image. Second Blood for Westernblots borreliosis, ehrlichiosis also get tested!

Daum push for your little one, you need a skilled veterinarian who loves animals he treats.

On Monday we will definitely go again, but the vet told us to wait and see

I would change the vet and do not let the dog suffer until Monday! It must the cause be determined in order to be treated specifically.

go with the dog in a veterinary clinic, which are also open on weekends around the clock. In addition, hospitals have more experience and better opportunities than most normal veterinarians!

My tip is to say * * Animal Hospital.

TA know myself ncith what it is and thinks about but abwarten-- your animal has pain that needs to be clarified, especially with such a young animal - so in a clinic, where ultrasound and X-ray can be made --auch there are doctors who are generally more experience - please morning in a clinic run your baby to love!

Vlt do it just the bones hurt because it is grown in. Had now and then my dog. And he's a real coward when he has a small ailments, he is on die ..

Did you leave check the hip again?

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