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Hello dog lovers,

My Dogg girl had her 4th birthday yesterday. She is awake, showed so far no evidence of any disease. As with all my Danes you get the annual "TÜV". So far, no abnormalities. As always I let the Doggies to 1:00 am again before the door, they have this in mind. Both come in, standing at the front door on the doormat. Suddenly my lass falls, is stretched to the side, was for a few seconds completely gone. No cramp, nothing, just gone, eyes fixed open. Heartbeat easily answered, breathing very shallow. Have they easily knocked off and be smelled. stand alone did not work, had to help vigorously. Then she staggered to the bed, but paused before. So I did not want to spend the night and had the car keys for the trip to the veterinary clinic in his hand. With Leckerlie I wanted to lure them to the car. But lo and behold, it lacked nothing, everything as usual. Still, it was a very restless night because I looked steadily at her for me. Today the day was quite normal. I'll watch them strengthened and it should happen again, then I will not hesitate to make them by check in detail.

I ponder and ponder what might have been (we celebrated not if nonsensical comments come). The beginning of epilepsy? A slight stroke? Heart? I have to find anything suitable. From Dogg friends I know, however, that it can be quickly passed without warning. For example, was a 6 year old healthy Dogg bitch still in this feed preparation, snapped at a piece offered meat, has fallen lightning Plautz and was dead Other cases where I was very close are also as deadly ended without warning -. The heart was `s. But yesterday's heart continued to beat.

I beg your experiences and any explanations, since it is still a puppy. Oh, the question of what could have triggered this?

The best answer

Hello douschka,

I you want to order now do not be afraid, but I would definitely have him medically examined on DCM! Even to exclude it. I'm going's assume that you DCM is known, if not here's what to read. Http://

Coincidentally, I recently read that Laboklin now has approval for the test. ABC

I'll keep my fingers crossed that it was something else!

I understand and can understand how you feel. I also have a dog, a Coton de Tulear (also 4 years). Once she was after eating just before suffocating and we have made ensure all correct. Anyway. I would even just call the vet put on your. unfortunately I know not what could be. But so as leie I had the same presumptions set up as you have already described. But not puzzle brings with it a further. I would in any case the vet describe it as is. If nothing is, the better. Then you are at least assured. If it is what it, it is always good if swift action.

All the best !

Honestly propelled into the animal hospital and let the check. Here even establish diagnoses and to rely on any research on the Internet, that would be too delicate. Your girl is was upset rigid and a few seconds / minutes incapacitated. This is not normal for a "healthy" 4-year-old dog.

A blood test, an MRI or investigations of the arteries no idea were it makes sense. So I always go out from me and the rest of my family. Would anyone in my family happened differently, these are the fall and unresponsive. If the first course and call the ambulance.

You and we are all on the internet no doctors and it is not possible to examine the dog. Driving to your clinic and let the clarify, perhaps everything was harmless and can go home calm down. One can also call times in the hospital, the thing to describe (Costs nothing)

Happy you and your Fellnase

Hello douschka, there are seizures without convulsions, "only" with the so-called absence seizures, which looks like this, as you described it. Stroke I do not think so because they would then afterwards not been equal to perk up again. Otherwise, I am familiar with Danes not really matter. Heart - well, these are large dogs, as can sometimes be what. I would go in any case to the vet and have them check up. And another tip, if something happens again: Pick up the phone and take it to the vet!

So I would also tap the top of epilepsy. This can indeed interpret quite differently. Some cramping stop only, some appear to be, some are also just there. Go definitely to the vet. If it's epilepsy, you ought to quickly be treated before brain damage occurs. We already had two Akitas with epilepsy and the second had to be euthanized unfortunately with 3 1/2, because he had become really angry. I do not wish it to you, but if it's a, hopefully only a little.

Let your girl times durchchecken.Mein first dog was also one day simply um.Kurze time later he got up with my help and everything was in Ordnung.Ich therefore did not take it too ernst.5 months later he fell again um.Aber he was no longer auf.Er died on the spot

I would find no peace, you also do not, therefore, from the hospital.

Best of wishes you two.

Ok, so with big dogs I know I do not look. But with the upset already, I can imagine that you were ready.

My little one, it has also for some time, no right cramps but it turns ever to and but then again fit (apparently).

I have it towed to various veterinarians in veterinary clinics and one does not know exactly what it is. She has an enlarged heart that sometimes occur, it is also blue when the vet lying. He thinks that it is because the lung is dammed by the enlarged heart and it is not getting enough air.

And the kidney values ​​are also regularly tested, it has been suggested that a renal blame sien can. It was me so declares that (whatever, I do not remember) something overcomes the blood brain barrier and can trigger a seizure. In any case slightly in the kidney, something which is derailed.

Otherwise, I think of anything, maybe a bad sugar, which has also been studied in the little ones.

It remains for you nothing to have it checked choice but the dog again completely. All the best for your girl.

BeimmHirnschlag flickering eyes uncontrollably back and forth. I'd bet more on easy epilepsy or circulatory problems. I'd always times in the animal hospital with her.

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