Dog simply take so?

Hi I have a question so I will therefore bring in the holidays during the Easter holidays to Istanbul, where I want a puppy about 8-12 weeks old, he is not a Kangal So can the race appear no problem, now my question: Can I a puppy with brignen when vaccinated against rabies, a chip has and yet the vaccination certificates with the most necessary vaccinations, so against rabies and other most necessary vaccinations which the veterinarian is required. And what should the animal have to be brought here to legally?

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Puppies may be imported only with an adequate rabies vaccination to Germany or Germany happen in transit. A distinction is made whether the animals originate from a listed third country or of a non-listed third country. Are the puppies from a listed third country, they can be imported into Germany at the earliest at the age of 15 weeks (rabies vaccination at 12 weeks + 21 days for the training of immunization). Pups from non-listed third countries are importable (rabies vaccination at 12 weeks + blood 30 days after the vaccination + 3 months waiting period) no earlier than at the age of 7 months.

Call in to the TA and klär everything. so is not that simple with safety. Vorallen because the rabies vaccination ETST the 16th week

Less than 15 weeks you may bring Germany no dog. And only with Tollwutimopfung and all other vaccinations.

And what should the animal have to be brought here to legally?

it must mindestesn its 15th weeks old and everything else stwejht here.

http: // ...

But why auzch? Available here not enough dogs

Ask best veterinarian.

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