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an acquaintance and I are both dog sitter or I have also been a few jobs, but they want to do with it also. So she has written some flyers, they just take care of dogs and with them Gassi go and something just .. I got the flyer also seen, but I noticed that it has been mentioned several times, the only - and I quote - "small, cute and friendly" would like to have dogs, and just not "fighting dogs". I fande somehow quite unnecessary, and they've asked about it, but she said only, make the small dogs less work and all breeds such as German Shepherd or Staffordshire were so totally dangerous. I told her trying to show that it's not true, but apparently she really believes that, although our neighbors as well as a Staffordshire Terrier, which is totally good and she also knows really, but still that does not change ...

Well, so I wonder if only I see so or whether it also thinks this can be very loving and friendly also list Dogs?

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If a dog is aggressive, then unfortunately only through faulty upbringing. And that is entirely up to the owner.

Dog sitter would actually know something. If I want to pursue this 'profession', I have to know about me with dogs in any case. you also have some responsibility for these creatures.

Something unprofessional I would never let my dog. Any sensible dog owners of something reads equals averse.

I think they should take better care of stuffed animals

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