Dog sitting in erfurt

Hello I would like to but hudesitten find nobody in erfurt looking someone a pet sitter in erfurt or knows someone looking one?

I am 14 and female :) I know myself very well with dogs and had himself sooo like a .. well ... I'd be happy :)

The best answer

here you are so wrong. This is no job market!

You can an ad in the newspaper or turn distribute list to the vet and in supermarkets!

Hello, it is difficult ... You can not officially go out with strange dogs. This has to do with liability would happen to the dog if something with you and / or. You're only 14 years old.

And these liability issues make it out also that you responsibly conscious dog owner will never let go with their dogs alone.

It's something else when you run from time to time the dog your aunt, or the sick neighbor ...

What is more, in some places you do not even as the under 16 youth allowed to carry a so-called 40/20-dog. (Ie, the dog is higher than 40cm and / or heavier than 20kg)

Join a notice in supermarkets and CO. Can turn a well on Ebay Classifieds.

But check out the people closely.

But I would not give to a child, my dogs, so it can be that you hardly get customers.

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