Dog skin peels very strong urgently

Hello the dog from my grandma has for half a year scales on the skin it is very bad he suffers and itches all sore. We have stayed at several veterinarians and he has all sorts of feed tested (no not in rapid succession I know that this is not good and that would not have done) ointment does not help, he is also just average often bathed. He is from the shelter we had a not so nice "Childhood" I think my grandma gives the animal just feel that he must protect everyone, so he perhaps under pressure but would I do not know precisely. I remember her presumption auh told in advance. I wurse yelled ... Can there be because ?? Please for immediate help,

Thank leni

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Baden You should not the dog only times this is often counterproductive. Was Demodex excluded? What you feed at the moment? What was the studied at the vet? If a skin scraping taken and examined in the laboratory for parasites and fungus? If No is that your first course, because it has excluded the hare are there in the ointment, can look with just times about it which is also a veterinarian not otherwise see! Thyroid hormone levels are the next thing should be checked, if it has not already done. Then it is said can make an allergy test ....

Average bathed often ..... .daliegt the rub. A dog bathes not you.

Give the animal three times a week one teaspoon corn oil into the feed and let him out of de bath!

Respect times forward to rich grain-free food.

How old is the dog? My neighbor washed his dog with rose water and swears it. I would now rather horsemeat Barfen what is very much made in allergic dogs.

It should be applied to the vet a culture, whether fungi or bacteria are the cause. Mites also come into consideration. Each basic needs another thorough treatment. -Psychische Causes I find unlikely.


in my experience get dogs a beautiful healthy coat and a beautiful healthy skin, if you feed the dog first, after feeding method BARF and are from time to time some high-quality edible oil for food.



Stress can trigger something. If he has to protect everyone, so there is no reasonable allocation of tasks at euich this may be a reason.

Has a Tiwerarzt checked by blood test allergies?

What foods have tested it?

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