Dog sleeps with us Help: ((((((((((

So my girlfriend for few days on holiday and while their dog is with us my problem he is missing you very much and is always in front of the balcony windows in hope that she comes, he does not eat much and is sad

  • have no experience with dogs my imagination just one or he's really sad? :( I'll take him out often and has the prop also good with me he likes me too much as I can distract him

The best answer

course also mourning dogs. giving but with the time, if you do care about him, distract him, out in the sun, meet other dogs, running etc.

a ausgepowerter dog has less time to grieve. also he eats even when he is hungry. just not regret simply bypass normal with him.

Of course, a dog misses the owner. This is quite normal, that will not put as quickly when you telephone time with your girlfriend, the phone simply want to alternate speakers and hold it to the dog out.

He likes you certainly (Anders you'd remember ^^) only the Dog Heart Belongs To your friend

Animals have feelings too. You should just repeatedly play with him, throw as balls or do tricks. It's best to simply go for a walk with him and stroking him.

It's just sad, because you can not do much. Is indeed the other hand nice that he so loves his mistress. Geb him much Streicheleinheiten.Drück him very doll of me :-)

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