Dog slips on the floor with Po, according Hundefriseur visit

Hi, were on Tuesday at the groomers and I let my dog ​​the first time the archipelago, since there he slips on the po and finds no rest. Goods today at the vet, everything has abgecheckt and found to be good, given him schmärzmitel, but my poor still finds no rest. I notice he gets a little a stiff when he comes in this unrest, but TA says in this region was all ok .. He is not times more to sleep because that makes him so mad ... disturb him di short hair ? Can someone tell me more? How can I help him? Lg

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So often it's really an indication Darmparasieren or stuffed anal glands ...

But it may also be that he was shaved at the barber of Po and now itch him the short Häärchen. I once worked in a dog hairdresser, because we have the owners often also pointed out that such a thing can happen - as soon as the skin is a little longer, he would stop in this case thus. If nich, please let again examine a TA.


Find the funny too that your veterinarian will prescribe painkillers without a cause or diagnosed to have.

1992Peegy, only 2 years living in Germany, was previously a word of German, I am sorry that I make mistakes :-( The TA has it enters the Po and the anal glands also seidn ok. -Wormed I have my dog ​​2 weeks, even that was good. Laloprincess100, thank you, it could really be the result of the mating season, I read the same more about it. I washed him and brush him constantly, Bepanthen I really have not tried. the TA said the painkillers is necessary it but his knees were who did not just stand still again, but he has been around for baby and it does not bother him ni, disease in miniature peaks ..

If anyone else has an idea what I do kan for him?

My dog ​​is a time whatsoever slipped ... The TA has said since iwelche were clogged glands and delivered them. But it has not stopped, and since your TA could not find anything, you can exclude. Maybe it's the time of year: mating season ..... To me that some would explain. On the topic kannste times search the inet. ---GOOD LUCK---

Goods today at the vet, everything has abgecheckt and found to be good, given him schmärzmitel

Painkillers against what, against itching? Strangely veterinarian!

slippage may indicate that the anal glands are full or clogged, and can be the reason for worm infestation. Go again tomorrow to another vet and let the dog investigate / treat.

The short hair is easy itch him only on Ar.chloch. Bind you nevertheless times a few abgeschnitte dog hair on the anus. Take Bepanthen and crem him the ass one to the hair grown back ...

Have you washed him since? might tickle him cut hair that are still in Fell

The slides on the bottom but it's often a sign of worms.

Emmy012, thank you, a pity that this Hubdesalon did not say anything, I even called again and asked if know this, but they said no. And it was really an expensive fun because I thought the were really good.

He has worms

Try going to another TA.

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